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The Numbers After Two: Snippet


June 25th, 2021 Posted 7:55 am

“No one’s allowed to make more than five hundred grand – and that’s in a whole week, by the way, not just a day. It’s about social equity, Bernie, which I’m all for, one hundred percent. And incidentally twenty percent of profits are deducted at source for charity.”

“But – but how does it work?” Bernie said.

“You good with numbers? What’s your math background?”

“Mediocre and long ago.”

I polished off the last bacon bit. Numbers was the subject? Not my strongest strength. I seldom go past two, as I may have mentioned already.

Crommie nodded. “Basically what we do – me and a few guys in various parts of the world who came up with the concept – is run all the blockchain algorithms backwards. Do you realize that when you do that you’re actually going back in time?”

Bernie shook his head.

“Neither did we, at first. And then our programs started spitting out all this money! Where was it coming from? After a while it hit us – the money was coming from the future! Like maple syrup was flowing out of the bottle and back into the tree. And we were in the tree, Bernie!”

“Is … is it legal?” Bernie said.

“Legal to run algorithms backward?” said Crommie. “The question answers itself.”

(The Numbers After Two is a short story written specially for pre-orderers of Tender Is The Bite, the upcoming Chet and Bernie novel.)




June 20th, 2021 Posted 8:59 am

On Sundays we do beginnings – all the Peter Abrahams novels including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™ As you may know, the Chet and Bernie series can-be-read-in-any-order™. Same thing applies to the C&B short stories. (The next short story, The Numbers After Two, was specially written to accompany Tender Is The Bite, the upcoming novel. You can find the link in the June 16 post.) Meanwhile, here’s the start of Tail of Vengeance, the short story about the notorious Teitelbaum divorce.

“I think my boyfriend is cheating on me.”

We should have walked away at that very moment, me and Bernie, or better yet run, our tails between our legs. Not so easy in Bernie’s case, since, maybe like you, he’s stuck with living a tailless life, poor guy. Imagine that! Actually, I can’t. The good news is that I’ve got enough tail for two, a strong, bushy, pleasing-to-the-eye tail that even has a mind of its own. Sometimes it wags me! Or just about. I’m not so easy to wag, being a hundred-plus pounder, and strong for my size, Bernie says. And not just Bernie: ask some of the perps up at Northern State Correctional, although they may not have time for chitchat, what with being so busy breaking rocks in the hot sun. The point is we’ve taken down lots of perps here at the Little Detective Agency. Bernie’s last name is Little. I’m Chet, pure and simple.


Beginnings (Not)


June 6th, 2021 Posted 8:57 am

On Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™. Today how about The Numbers After Two? That’s the short story that all pre-orderers of Tender Is The Bite, the next Chet and Bernie novel, will find in their inbox on July 6, pub date (see link below). And instead of the beginning, how about a little snippet from within? A change is as good as a rest, my mom used to say.

The sun was high above and hot and the bubble gum smell was strong. Does pink itself have a smell? I hadn’t realized that. My tail rose up nice and high. Sun high, tail high, pink smells. Those were the main facts as we rounded a big snarl of greasewood and entered a down-sloping box canyon. We were both moving carefully now on account of the jumping cholla, sprouting all over the place. One close encounter with jumping cholla will teach you all you need to know about it, a lesson I’ve learned many times. The buzzards, so far away when we started, were very close now, drifting over the end of the canyon. Someone down there was crying. I’d been hearing that for some time. Now Bernie heard it, too. Human hearing? I’ll keep my thoughts on that to myself. We picked up the pace.


On Stumbling


May 25th, 2021 Posted 8:27 am

Sometimes in what my grandmother called “the writing game” you stumble into something that surprises you in a good way. The Numbers After Two, the new Chet and Bernie short story that will accompany Tender Is The Bite to all pre-orderers was like that. Is there hard work in the writing game? Who would deny it? (Well, maybe not too hard for writers who take on hired hands.) But there’s fun to be had, too!


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