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Tender Is The Bite Snippet


April 22nd, 2021 Posted 8:22 am

There’s a bark I have for getting everyone’s attention in no uncertain terms. It’s thrilling to have a sound like that come out of you – try it sometime. Sylvia Rottoni actually covered her ears, a very pleasing sight.


From Tender Is The Bite (July 7)


April 8th, 2021 Posted 7:44 am

When it comes to minds the name Einstein gets thrown around but you’d be smarter to bet on Bernie. Can this Einstein dude shoot spinning dimes out of the air? How’s his uppercut? Do sweet uppercuts happen all by themselves in a – what would you call it? Mindless? Yes, exactly! In a mindless way? No way, amigo. Bernie clobbers Einstein in a first round knockout. Case closed.


Preorder Bonus Short Story!


April 6th, 2021 Posted 8:14 am

(If you’ve already preordered Tender Is The Bite, the next Chet and Bernie novel, your receipt will still work! The Numbers After Two, the new C&B short story, will be emailed to you on pub date, July 7.)


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