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Go Reuben!


January 13th, 2011 Posted 8:32 am

“Do we know about this?” says Spence. “Stem-cell therapy for members of the nation within?”

“We do not,” says Admin.

“Here’s a story out of Detroit,” Spence says (hat tip – Candice Williams, The Detroit News). “It’s all about Reuben, a 9-year-old English springer spaniel with hip dysplasia and arthritis. He went to a clinic that does in-house stem-cell therapy – harvesting and injecting stem cells the same day. Treatment  started with light anesthesia and then the vet took about a tablespoon of fat from Reuben’s back. The fat is lasered, the cells get separated out, and are injected into the joints. The vet expects Reuben to be moving better 2 or 3 weeks. Cost – about two grand.”

They both look at me. “How are those hips, big guy?”

Hips? Those are what, exactly?

Here’s wishing B. a quick recovery.


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