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June 11th, 2020 Posted 8:04 am

“Catch,” said Nixon, and he flipped the .45 round toward Bernie.

Bernie caught it real easy, the way he catches things, his big hand just folding around whatever it was. He gazed down at the round.

“Just a bitty thing, really,” Nixon said.

“But F equals MA,” said Bernie.

Wow! Whatever that was, I’d never heard anything like it. And neither had Nixon.

“Wow!” he said. “Can I use that?”

“How?” said Bernie.

“For repartee,” Nixon said. “We’re having repartee issues.”

Something – a very small and hard to describe something – changes in Bernie’s eyes when he’s having a kind of quiet fun. I saw it now. Fun can happen at any moment. That’s one of my core beliefs.

“Who’s we?” Bernie said.

“Me and my writing partner,” said Nixon. “We’re working on a screenplay.”

“Writing partner?”

“You wouldn’t know her. Started out as a customer. She’s got a contact in Hollywood. He told her we should act the scenes out ourselves, like a test drive. So we did and that’s when we found the repartee issues. Repartee’s like Goldilocks, Bernie. Gotta hit the sweet spot. But here’s the funny thing – turns out I like the acting part even more than the writing part! As though I’m a natural, Bernie. I hate to even say it out loud.”

– from The Iggy Papers – and there’s only one way to get it! (Link below)



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