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August 29th, 2020 Posted 8:27 am

Yesterday Hobbit asked:

“Have your books been translated into other languages? If so, who is responsible to make sure the translation is true to the books and yet conveyed in a way that takes in cultural differences that might impede understanding?”

Great question. My books have been translated into quite a number of languages but the true to the books part  is based on trust alone. In other words – no one is responsible! Occasionally I get an email from a translator asking for clarification on something. Here is the Russian cover of Paws Vs. Claws (I think), the most recent in my middle-grade Queenie and Arthur series. Bark Vs. Snark comes out in Oct.



Reader Questions


August 8th, 2020 Posted 7:39 am

Reader Margo Plyler wrote in:

I am still waiting to read “Of Mutts And Men”! Why? This is not just a ‘book’ to read and fiction at that, but these events in the life of Chet and Bernie comes alive and gets into our heart and soul! All the titles in this series have meaning that goes beyond description! Mr. Quinn did you plan it that way?

Me: Good question, Margo! Assuming by “titles” you mean the individual books in the series, my goal is to write an entertaining story. But in the writing of that story, deeper things start to happen, almost like there’s a current flowing under me. After a while I cotton on! And begin to make conscious use of the subterranean meaning. But never in a way – I hope – that would slow the story down. Hope this helps – Peter.


Answers to Reader Questions …


January 11th, 2020 Posted 12:10 pm

… on Of Mutts and Men, the next Chet and Bernie novel. (They can be read in any order!)

1. Am I a wine connoisseur? No, but I’m interested in it, and the varietal called Mourvedre is a factor in the story.
2. Can I write faster? Possibly, but it might not be good.
3. Yes, Of Mutts and Men will have an audio version. Here’s to the reader, Jim Frangione.
4. Yes, there will be a book tour, and I hope Book Carnival in Orange CA will be on it. If anyone has a favorite store in their town where a decent turnout could be expected, please let me know and Mrs. Publicist will make inquiries.
5. Why Arizona as the setting for most of the series? I go into this at the book signings, but it just comes down to how much I love to write about it.
6. Will Suzie play a role in Of Mutts and Men? Oh, yes. Be prepared for a surprise or two.
7. And what about Shooter, Chet’s offspring? Oh, yes.
8. Where to preorder? From all the usual sites like Amazon and B&N, as well as your local independent.



Reader Participation Day!


January 10th, 2020 Posted 8:13 am

The next Chet and Bernie novel (and these can be read in any order) is called Of Mutts and Men and comes out in early July (but is now available for preorder!). Today we’re welcoming any questions you might have about it. Answers tomorrow.


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