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Psychopomps, Anybody?


May 22nd, 2021 Posted 6:29 am

Yesterday reader Mary Foster brought up the psychopomp scene from Of Mutts And Men (found in chapter 9). Here’s what she had to say about it (Of Mutts And Men is now in paperback, by the way):

For those who read Of Mutts and Men: Were tears streaming down your face as you read the scene in the hospice room? I read it once and listened to the audiobook once, and it was powerful and moving both ways. When I go, I hope all my dogs come to “see me across.”


Psychopomp (More)


December 8th, 2020 Posted 7:40 am

Yesterday’s psychopomp post was prompted by this email that came in the day before. I’ve redacted a name, but it’s otherwise unchanged.

When the pandemic was declared and we Montrealers went into lockdown, I became my friend [redacted]’s carer. She was 87 years old and her children all live in other cities, so I began to do her grocery shopping and laundry. I also supplied her with books, for she was a keen reader and the library had suspended its delivery services. I introduced her to the Chet and Bernie books, which she adored. One thing that always moved her was the great love that Chet feels for Bernie. I took the opportunity to reread the entire series, and it was wonderful to escape the current dire situation and plunge into the enchanting, hilarious, exciting and heart-warming world you have created. I recently bought Heart of Barkness to give her, as it was the next in the series for her and she was on tenterhooks to find out how Bernie recovers from the injuries he suffers at the end of the previous book. Unfortunately, she suffered a fall and was hospitalized and I was not able to give it to her (the hospital would not have let me visit). I planned to entrust it to one of her children to give to her, but fate decided otherwise. [Redacted] died two days ago. I just wanted you to know how much delight you gave my friend in her last months.


Psychopomps and Us


December 7th, 2020 Posted 7:51 am

There is some interest in the psychopomp scene in Of Mutts and Men, the latest Chet and Bernie novel. Can’t be many other – if any – psychopomp scenes in crime fiction, but it’s a different story in Greek mythology, of course. The C&B psychopomp scene is found at the beginning of Chapter 9.




February 7th, 2020 Posted 8:08 am

Spoiler alert. There’s a psychopomp scene in Of Mutts and Men (the next Chet and Bernie novel, now available for preorder – save your receipt in order to get the special short story). There can’t be many psychopomp scenes in mystery fiction – this may be the first! – although the Greeks had them in their myths, of course.


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