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August 29th, 2021 Posted 8:20 am

On Sundays we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™. Today – for those who wait for paperback editions – let’s do Of Mutts And Men, the Chet and Bernie novel before the latest, Tender Is The Bite – now in pb.

A rooftop chase? Who’s got it better than me?

Chasing down perps is what we do, me and Bernie. We’re partners in the Little Detective Agency, Little being Bernie’s last name. I’m Chet, pure and simple. When it comes to chasing down perps, rooftop chasing is what you might call a specialty within a specialty, if you see what I mean. And if you don’t then … then actually I’m right there with you. The point is that rooftop chases don’t happen often, so when they do you’ve got to enjoy them with all your heart. No problem. Enjoying with all my heart is one of my best things, right up there with leaping and grabbing perps by the pant leg.

There are two kinds of perps who get involved in rooftop chases. The first kind – and most perps are the first kind – realize pretty quick that it’s game over unless you’re up for doing something daring, and they’re all dared out by that time: you can see it in their eyes. The second kind of perp believes somewhere deep down that he can fly. What we had on this particular warehouse rooftop in the most rundown section of South Pedroia, which is the most rundown part of the whole Valley, was the second kind of perp.


Last Minute Fathers Day Gift?


June 19th, 2021 Posted 8:16 am

The women went silent and turned their gazes on us. “Who’s Chet?” said the oldest.

Bernie pointed my way.

“What a handsome boy,” she said. The others nodded. Had we turned a corner? Simply based on my looks? I couldn’t think why not.

Bernie rubbed his hands together like we were getting somewhere at last.

(from Of Mutts and Men, now in paperback)


Psychopomps, Anybody?


May 22nd, 2021 Posted 6:29 am

Yesterday reader Mary Foster brought up the psychopomp scene from Of Mutts And Men (found in chapter 9). Here’s what she had to say about it (Of Mutts And Men is now in paperback, by the way):

For those who read Of Mutts and Men: Were tears streaming down your face as you read the scene in the hospice room? I read it once and listened to the audiobook once, and it was powerful and moving both ways. When I go, I hope all my dogs come to “see me across.”


Making Sense


May 15th, 2021 Posted 8:31 am

Here’s a recent Amazon review of Of Mutts And Men (now in paperback) that we like – especially for the making sense part. The failure to make sense in storytelling is perhaps not seen as a serious flaw these days, but it’s still a sine qua non to me. So thanks, reviewer!

“Chet and Bernie are the BEST. Great book, made sense, great characters, and my favorite, Chet. If you haven’t read any of these books, try this one. Rewarding to any dog lovers and mystery lovers. You know who you are.”


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