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April Fools


April 1st, 2010 Posted 9:02 am

“Chet could do a post but say there’s no post,” Spence says.

“Or not do a post and say there is one,” says Admin.

“Or we could just leave a blank space,” says Spence.

“Or take down the whole thing,” says Admin.

“And sue the publisher,” says Spence.

“And invite Putin to take over the whole series,” says Admin.

“And change everything into cyrillic from now on,” says Spence.

“Who would win in an arm-wrestle between Putin and Obama?” says Admin.

“We could say they’ll be arm-wrestling live on the blog tomorrow,” says Spence.

“Hey, let’s say it,” says Admin. “Live, on chetthedog tomorrow: Obama arm-wrestles Putin. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event.”


Talking Politics


January 26th, 2010 Posted 8:51 am

Bernie’s doing whatever he does on the computer. He glances up and says, “Looks like Obama’s going to have trouble with the Blue Dogs.”

Whoa. Stop right there. Blue dogs? There’s Mitzy, a poodle over in Pottsdale who’s kind of bluish under a certain light, but other than that I can’t think of any other blue dogs, and I can’t imagine Obama having trouble with Mitzy. And if he did, wouldn’t Bo protect him?

My takeaway? It’s not easy being president. With all our ups and downs, running a detective agency is better.



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A Good Day


April 13th, 2009 Posted 6:54 am

All days are pretty good to my way of thinking, but Bernie says there’s lots of nice news today. First, he’s real happy about Captain Phillips and the Navy. Bernie fought in the Army – there’s stuff on that in Thereby Hangs A Tail – and he’s always interested in military news. This story’s all about pirates. They’re hijackers. We’ve taken down a few hijackers, me and Bernie, but never at sea. I swam in the ocean once, on our trip to San Diego. And was I on a surfboard? Yes! 

Second, President Obama is finally coming through with his promise. Welcome, Bo! He’s a Portuguese Water Dog. I knew one name of Parson. Talk about swimming! The only problem was that we were somehow in the pool at the Ritz, not sure how that happened. Not a good idea, for some reason, and when that concierge guy fell in things got worse in a hurry.

Tomorrow: Back to our story, although the details are getting a little …


Obamas’s Dog 2


March 19th, 2009 Posted 7:43 am

What was I going to post about? The Obamas’s dog, right? Bernie says they still haven’t got him. What’s going on? I thought it was all set – a Portuguese water dog – great choice, isn’t there a good fountain for swimming in at the White House? – yeah, a Portuguese water dog named Frank the Moose. Perfect! So what’s the holdup? Don’t tell me they’ve got more important work to do, because what could be more important? I want those two little girls to be happy, and I bet there’s a Portuguese water dog in a shelter who wants to be happy too. I’ve got faith in Mr. and Mrs. Obama – he’s got very unusual ears for a human, meaning he’s real good at hearing, and she’s got strong arms, so they should be doing a great job. Come on, Obamas! Let’s get it done.


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