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Chetspeak on Sunday


October 11th, 2015 Posted 8:29 am

The heel is down at the foot: I was pretty sure of that, because when Bernie says heel, which he really never has to, I walk along right beside his feet. The head is the head, at the top. So head over heels means what? The head is always over the heels, except in an upside-down situation, for example when a perp by the name of Nuggets Bolliterri tried to escape on us from an upstairs window and ended up dangling head-first in a tangle of tied-together sheets. Leda had just said Malcolm was head over heels. Meaning what? He was tangled in tied-together sheets? I couldn’t take it any further.



No Post Today


July 9th, 2011 Posted 9:06 am

“Got to install this new software,” says Admin.

“Not for the blog!” says Spence. “I mean, it won’t screw – it won’t affect the blog, will it?”

“Your point?”

“I’m just remembering some other installs from the past.”

Admin gives him a look. It’s something like the look that Judge Ire gave Nuggets Bolliterri before he sent him to Northern State Correctional. “Rest easy. This software is for the special project.”

“Oh, good,” says Spence. “How’s that going by the way?”

But Admin’s already at the computer, having trouble opening some package.


Welcome Wally Doodle from AZ (Red Hat's brother), Rajah and Dora, Harry, Nick. Satchel - please retry.



July 7th, 2010 Posted 8:25 am

Bernie opened the door of Club Utopia and we went in. Hey! A strip club. I’d been in strip clubs before – just part of the job. Take the Nuggets Bolliterri case for example. Nuggets practically lived in strip clubs. Nuggets and I had one thing in common, and that was a love of Slim Jims. In the end, he wasn’t as good about sharing as I would have liked, which led to a bit of conflict.

Back to Club Utopia. There was a dancer on the stage. Boredom is pretty easy to read on the human face – it gets kind of slack and the eyes lose their shine – and it was all over hers. A few guys sat in the audience. They looked bored, too. The dancer did some dancing around a pole. All of a sudden for no reason, I found myself thinking of Lola, down in Mexico. Is that in To Fetch A Thief?

A bouncer came over – we’ve had some fun with bouncers, me and Bernie – and said, “No dogs allowed.”

Cape Cod Writers Center, Breakfast With the Authors, 9:30 AM Friday, July 9., Cape Codder Hotel (Hyannis Mass.): Spencer Quinn.


A Close Call


June 14th, 2010 Posted 9:26 am

Search Albie’s house from top to bottom: that was what Bernie said, but for some reason we went the other way, starting in the basement. I’d never been in any basement at all like Albie’s: it was more like the floor of a casino, with slot machines, roulette wheels – on my last trip to a casino, this was on the Nuggets Bolliterri case, I hadn’t known there were rules about not putting your front paws on the roulette wheel while it was spinning, so if I ever get to go to a casino again, I guarantee that won’t happen, if guarantee means being pretty sure – card tables, dice, plus a long bar. We went behind the bar, through a door and into a kitchen. Bernie started opening things – cupboards, fridges, drawers.

“Smell anything, big guy?”

Sure I did! Lots of cooking had gone on here, plus there was a mouse on the loose.

Bernie approached a freezer. We used to have one on Mesquite Road, but Leda took it when she left. “I’m getting a funny intuition,” Bernie said. Uh-oh. I wasn’t sure what an intuition was, but when Bernie got them bad things sometimes happened after, such as Hawaiian pants, and – hey! – tin futures! I almost forgot about tin futures! They’d come very close to leaving my mind forever. Whew! That was a close call.

Bernie stepped forward and raised the top of the freezer.


The Books

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