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Lost And Gone Forever


October 21st, 2009 Posted 9:20 am

We tore across the canyon, me and Iggy. So good to be roaming around with Iggy again! Have I mentioned about how he never gets outside anymore, on account of Mr. and Mrs. Parsons being so old? They’d even possibly known Bernie’s grandfather back in the ranchland days, or one of them had, the details foggy in my mind – but in the ranchland days Bernie’s family had owned the whole of Mesquite Road and the canyon, too. Or some of it. Bernie’s great-great – maybe even more greats – grandfather had been in Tombstone when the gunfight at the OK Corral happened. I know about the gunfight from My Darling Clementine, a western that’s in the pile of our western DVD’s. We also have a pile of sports DVD’s and another one of animal DVD’s. But let’s get into that some other time. Right now I was just about to … just about to …


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