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May 30th, 2023 Posted 8:40 am

Mrs. Plansky, packing for the journey that will change her life (and the lives of some others as well):

Shoes were always the problem. In the end she cut to the bone, taking only the pull-on low-heeled booties with the least tapered toes on the market; the warm quilted indoor-outdoor mules in black; and her Italian ballet flats, which she just had to have.

(coming July 25, preorders welcome)


What’s In A Name?


May 25th, 2023 Posted 11:32 am

Ms. Publicist: Hi, Pete! We haven’t done What’s In A Name in way too long. You’ve often mentioned you can’t write a character until you have the name. True?
Pete: Mostly!
Ms. P: I’m interested in Dragomir, the powerful and dangerous Romanian fellow in Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge – which I urge readers to preorder. Go on. I’ll wait.
Pete: Ha ha. I wish I had that particular faculty of yours. As for Dragomir, I’d heard the name, suggestive of both dragons and Dracula, so I was on board from the start. Then I looked it up and it means something like a guy to whom peace is precious. So the name itself is like a mini mini ironic short story, and off I went.
Ms. P: Thanks, Pete. See you next month for more of What’s In A Name!
(and thanks mlaiuppa for the funny dad comment yesterday)



May 23rd, 2023 Posted 8:55 am

Sneak peek at Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge, thirtysome pages, I believe—but enough to meet Dinu, Prof. Bogdan, Uncle Dragomir, Mrs. Plansky’s dad, and of course Mrs. P.




May 22nd, 2023 Posted 8:12 am

How about starting the week by answering a couple of questions that arose from yesterday’s post about my supposedly long bike ride. Question one: How far? Answer: not far – only 15 miles, and on flat Cape Cod terrain, at that. Excuse: I got hungry. Question two: Where’s the helmet? Answer: There may be one around somewhere but I don’t wear a helmet. Excuse: personality defect. Question three: do I play the piano? Answer: I wish. Meanwhile Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge, preorderable, is now just a little more than two months from pub date. One thing I’ll be talking about on the tour is Mrs. Plansky’s 98 year old dad. He turned out to be the kind of character who wants to take over the whole book and needs to be kept in his place.


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