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Sergeant Stubby


September 29th, 2021 Posted 8:23 am

A couple of days ago in the post about college football and canine mascots, reader Sara Allison Maas mentioned Sgt. Stubby of the Georgetown Hoyas, who before his football career was a genuine World War 1 hero, providing early warning of oncoming mustard gas, for example. An amazing story, which I believe was made into a movie, although I haven’t seen it. Somewhere or other is a photo of General Pershing giving him a medal, but here’s Sgt. Stubby by himself.


College Football and The Nation Within


September 27th, 2021 Posted 7:33 am

Someone said you can’t understand America until you’ve been to a college football game, and that includes the tailgating. (All right, it was me.) Canine mascots are often part of the gestalt, and one of our favorites is Uga X (X meaning the 10th Uga, this sporty fellow known as Que when not on the gridiron), from the University of Georgia, the Bulldogs almost always one of the best teams in the country. (Did someone also say that all the rest of college should be scrapped, leaving only the football?) Any other canine mascots you like?



Hank of the Brew Crew Update


July 16th, 2014 Posted 9:11 am

(hat tip – Gina)

1402722792012-hank-spring-trainingSpike – please try uploading again.


Hank Meets the Brew Crew


February 22nd, 2014 Posted 9:01 am

A nice story from spring training. Baseball’s in the air, at least in AZ.

Welcome new friends Murphy, Ralph, Kelsiey.


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