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December 18th, 2018 Posted 7:20 am

We’ve had questions about where to find the e-short story The Iggy Chronicles, Volume 2. The answer is: somewhere in the future, since at present there’s only volume 1.


Iditarod …


March 7th, 2017 Posted 8:54 am

… greatest sled dog race on earth. For many years we’ve cheered on Snowhook Kennel – run by our friends AJ and Rebecca. AJ is not mushing this year but the team is still in there with Dr. Joe at the controls. Go dogs of Snowhook! One of whom is named Iggy!

(If we’ve gotten any of this wrong, please let us know.)


Chetspeak on Sunday


August 16th, 2015 Posted 9:01 am

“Bernie, Bernie, one of my colleagues has seen your watch!”

“Yeah?” Bernie said. “What happened? Something that made you come in person?”

“Coming in person is no problem – I have business in your neighborhood. I am killing two birds with one stone!”

Oh, yeah? How many times had I heard that one? And was I still waiting for a human – any human, step right up – to kill even one single bird with a stone? Or even try? The only human who’d come close was Bernie, as you might have guessed, and he’d thrown a tire iron, not a stone, and the bird had turned out to be a machine, possibly called a drone. As for Mr. Singh, he had no stone, did not appear to be looking for one, and the only bird in sight was the buzzard perched in its usual spot next to old man Heydrich’s chimney, far enough away so you’d need a cannon arm to knock it off, and Mr. Singh’s arms were of the short and pudgy sort.




Chetspeak on Sunday


August 9th, 2015 Posted 9:25 am

Bernie knocked. Right away I heard Iggy start up on the other side. How I’d missed that amazingly high-pitched yip-yip-yip yip-yip-yip, a yip-yip-yipping Iggy could sustain all night if he wanted, and he often did! But now it was saying Welcome home, buddy! Let’s do something fun! Like dig up old man Heydrich’s lawn, old man Heydrich being our neighbor on the other side. Dig it up so it stayed that way! What a brilliant idea, especially coming from Iggy.

“Chet! What do you think you’re doing?”

Uh-oh. Possibly standing on my back legs, pawing at the door? Maybe more like clawing into it, somewhat deeply? If that was really happening I got it under control and pronto. If you’d looked you’d have seen me standing silent and still beside Bernie, like a good citizen, whatever that happened to be. You’d have thought I’d been like that the whole time. And … and hadn’t I? Hey! You’d have been right! And me, too! Which made me like you! What a day I was having, and it had hardly begun! It was great to be home.



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