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December 11th, 2010 Posted 8:58 am

“Please explain America to me,” says Mr. Singh.

We’re at his pawn shop, but this time – a real first – we’re not pawning Bernie’s grandfather’s watch, our most valuable possession. In fact, we’re not pawning anything. Instead we’re searching for a bauble, whatever that is, for Suzie. Lamb curry’s cooking somewhere out back, making it real hard to concentrate.

“Explain America?” Bernie says.

“Do not get me wrong, Bernie,” says Mr. Singh. So much fun, listening to how he talks. “Coming here was the best move of my life. But sometimes it’s a bit confusing. For example, is Mr. Clinton back to being the president again?”

“Huh?” says Bernie.

“What is the explanation for this press conference yesterday?” says Mr. Singh. “Did not Mr. Obama turn over the reins?”

Bernie laughs, claps Mr. Singh on the back. Mr. Singh’s a soft little guy, lurches a bit. “Here’s the thing,” Bernie says. “There are no reins, so just enjoy the ride.”

“What a joker you are, Bernie! Here is a ruby ring for a very attractive price.”

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