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Basket of Lights


December 21st, 2020 Posted 8:31 am

Christmas comes up just once in To Fetch A Thief:

We crossed the desert, dark and empty, except for occasional distant towns, like baskets of lights. Why I mention baskets of lights is because once when Leda was decorating the Christmas tree – always an exciting time for me, and I end up outside – the lights were all coiled up in a basket and Bernie plugged them in for a test. This was back when Bernie and Leda were still sort of getting along, before that breakfast where she took a sip of coffee and said, “This isn’t working for me.” At first I thought it was something about the coffee, and so did Bernie.


Christmas …


December 15th, 2020 Posted 8:05 am

… comes up a few times in Of Mutts And Men (the latest in the Chet and Bernie series, which can be read in any order without penalty). Here’s one of them:

“You take the fun out of everything,” Irene said. She tilted her head, smiled up at Bernie. “Why not throw in a bonus, Ezra? I know you give out bonuses.”

“Only at Christmas,” said Ezra. “And only to top producers.”

“You’re saying Bernie’s not a top producer?”

“Whoa,” Bernie said. “I don’t want a bonus.”

No bonus? With the state of our finances? Had Bernie forgotten about our self-storage in South Pedroia, stacked from floor to ceiling with Hawaiian pants, not one pair sold? It couldn’t have slipped his mind completely, because sometimes after a few drinks he says, “Hawaiian shirts are big, so why not Hawaiian pants? I just don’t get it.” And then there was the tin futures play. We would have been rich, except for an earthquake in Bolivia, or possibly the earthquake not happening. Bernie! Bonus! Yes!


Not Beginnings


December 6th, 2020 Posted 7:53 am

Sunday, when we usually take a look at the beginning of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. But not today! First, let’s answer reader Margaret Meeker Arnold who writes in asking whether the Chet and Bernie short stories – now available in digital form only – will ever be collected in printed form. Great idea, Margaret! I’m going to make inquiries and will report back. Second, the holidays are coming. Christmas comes up from time to time in C&B (suppose you were stumped for a gift, for example). Here’s a little something from Heart of Barkness:

Iggy’s my best pal. The fun we used to have, in the days before the electric fence salesman paid them a visit! That adventure with the FedEx truck and all those boxes of Christmas hams – flimsy boxes, as it had turned out!


Of Mutts And Men and Christmas


December 3rd, 2020 Posted 8:14 am

Christmas comes up 3 times in Of Mutts And Men, the latest Chet and Bernie (just in case you wondered if it would make a good gift). Here’s one of them:

“Can’t you sell that a little better?” Gudrun said.

Uh-oh. Bernie’s selling ability. That had come up once before, actually last Christmas, when Bernie’s mom paid us a visit, accompanied by her boyfriend, fiance, or husband, something we never got quite clear, named Tommy Trauble, owner of Tommy Trauble’s Auto Mile Dealerships in Flamingo Beach, Florida, which was where Bernie’s mom lived. Tommy Trauble had the deepest tan I’d ever seen on a human face, tiny bleached-out eyes, and shoulder-length white hair that gleamed. But, according to Bernie’s mom, he was also the greatest salesman in the whole state, and – well, it went something like this: “Bernie? I’ll have another one of those lovely old-fashioneds you mix. He really does have all sorts of talents, Tommy, but his problem is he just doesn’t sell himself. Can you explain to him, honey, how important that is?”

And things went downhill from there. Was there a point when Tommy Trauble challenged Bernie to an armwrestling contest? Something Bernie would never consider, not with an older gentleman. But one thing led to another, until finally the ER doc said the break was nice and clean and Tommy would have that cast off his arm in no time.


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