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Bah-gan (More)


April 27th, 2023 Posted 6:09 am

Yesterday I forgot to mention that since the paperback of Bark To The Future, the latest Chet and Bernie mystery, comes out in 2023 (June 6), it too is included in the Barnes & Noble 2 day preorder sale ending tomorrow. 25% off! That’s like printing money. (A lot of that going on these days!)


Bah-gan (as we say in this part of the land)


April 26th, 2023 Posted 7:27 am

2 Day Sale! Barnes & Noble is having a 25% off sale on preorders of any book that will be published in any format in 2023. For example, these 2 in either hardcover or audio! The coupon code for checkout is PREORDER25. 4/26-4/28. What’s the down side?



January 27th, 2023 Posted 7:56 am

Today only, (well, yesterday, too) Barnes and Noble is holding a 25% sale on all pre-orders in all formats! So that applies to 2 – count ’em, 2! – books from this particular shop, namely Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge and Up On The Woof Top (the next Chet and Bernie, no cover art yet). 25%! Just think! (The promo code is PREORDER25, which sums it up.)


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