What’s In A Name?

Mrs. Publicist: Not the fifteenth of the month, when we discuss names, but let’s play catch up. You’ve mentioned, Pete (aka Spence), how important names are to you, and that you actually can’t write the character until you have the right name. How about this month we talk about Iggy, Chet’s best pal, who plays – what would you call it? – an evidentiary role? – in It’s A Wonderful Woof, the brand new Chet and Bernie holiday novel?

Pete: Evidentiary role – nice locution, I’ll have to steal that. As for Iggy, I’m not the first artist (for want of a better word) to fall for the appeal of that name. In that I stand on the shoulders of Jim Osterberg, Jr. And may I recommend in passing Jim’s duet with Francoise Hardy on I’ll Be Seeing You.

Mrs. P: And what is the appeal of the name Iggy?

Pete: For me, the appeal was that the character came fully formed as soon as the name popped into my mind. Iggy’s all about id, lack of restraint, totally unselfconscious goofiness and yearning.

Mrs. P: And then to have him pretty much shut inside the Parsons’s house for the whole series so far, watching Chet through the window?

Pete: Makes the odd moment when they do get together –

Mrs. P: Like the bathroom scene in The Dog Who Knew Too Much?

Pete: – all the more explosive.

Mrs. P: Thanks, Pete. Iggy appears by the way in the digital short story below.


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11 Responses to “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    10:39 am on November 19th, 2021


    I always find the “What’s In a Name” very interesting!

    Happy BooBear day to all!

  2. Herd of Hounds
    11:20 am on November 19th, 2021

    Good day everyone!
    We always enjoy the what’s in a name but we particularly enjoy the name Iggy because it just brings so many funny things to mind.And believe you me, Iggy lives up to his name.

  3. B. Stover
    11:36 am on November 19th, 2021

    Iggy is a good name for him.

    Good day to all.

  4. Hobbit
    3:05 pm on November 19th, 2021

    It makes me sad that Iggy is shut up in the house unable to be with his best friend. I do love that bathroom scene in The Dog that Knew Too Much.

    I had misplaced my phone in my house. It was on mute so it did no good to have someone call me. After a couple of days it died so it no longer showed up on the Find My Phone app. The app had indicated that it was in my dining room which I search thoroughly along with other rooms. So yesterday I spent $$$ on a new phone; this morning I found my old one. It turned out to be in my master bedroom closet which is above the dining room.

    Mr. Big spent the night outside at -9 degrees. A couple of times last evening Sadie wanted to be outside on the porch as it is too hot inside for her (at 67 degrees). When I let her out, I leave the door partially open. Mr. Big must have slipped out without me noticing it. I will cook him salmon today as an apology.

  5. Mr. Big
    3:11 pm on November 19th, 2021

    It is a good thing that I am a fat cat as I was outside all night in the bitter cold!!! I ignored the two straw-filled dog houses and stayed under the porch until Attendant noticed I was gone this morning and opened the door to call me. She didn’t have to call twice, no indeed!
    Can I sue the Attendant for negligence and endangerment of my life? Accountability is important and actions have consequences!

    I decided to embrace OFA’s use of exclamation points!!

  6. Mr. Big
    3:21 pm on November 19th, 2021

    I think I should sue for emotional duress also. I am checking Sadie’s treatie supply to see if I can pay OFL (our favorite lawyer) but she has eaten everything but “Full spectrum hemp extract-infused Chews–good for hip and joint.” Perhaps WATF’s dad will accept these chews to render an opinion??

  7. WTAFP
    5:30 pm on November 19th, 2021

    Mr Big. Not to worry, I have been known to accept all sorts of payments from the Thieves, so full spectrum hemp chews should be just fine. Sounds yummy!

  8. Mr. Big
    6:03 pm on November 19th, 2021

    WTAFP: Thank you so much. I think the chews are yummy as Sadie eats more than the directions on the package. The Attendant can be a sucker for big brown eyes. My eyes have no affect on her although I did see her bring in a package of salmon. Once I get in my 8 hours of beauty sleep I will start pestering her

  9. WTAFP
    6:48 pm on November 19th, 2021

    We are having house guests visiting for awhile, including Franklin’s new friend, Lorenzo. Here are Franklin and Lorenzo resting on the couch.

  10. Wose-The Small and Meek
    7:48 pm on November 19th, 2021

    WTAFP: What a great picture! Lorenzo (great name) is very cute, and Franklin is getting so big!

    Mr. Big: I wish Grizz was a sucker for my big brown eyes…I hope you get some of that salmon!

  11. mlaiuppa
    10:21 pm on November 19th, 2021

    Please notice the blatant VOLUME 1.

    That means, more to come. More Iggy. Lots of Iggy. Because without a lot more Iggy there wouldn’t need to be any volumes. Right?

    Unless he is talking about the volume of Iggy’s yipping. In which case there is no volume 1. volume 10 maybe. An occasional 7 or 8. But Iggy does have a piercing yap. Great attention getter.

    I’m not so sure about the best friend part. I know Chet considers Iggy his best friend but is the feeling really mutual? Considering how Chet treats Iggy the few times they are together. Not exactly a warm and friendly interaction. Kinda passive aggressive. While Chet might consider Iggy his best friend Iggy might consider Chet more of a nemesis.

    Iggy may have some Poodle or Bichon Frisé in him, there has to be a streak of Jack Russell in him too. He seems very Jack Russelly.

    Hobbit: That is always the way. The minute you buy a new one you find the old one. I have three screening tools because whenever I go to repair a screen I can’t find the tool. After searching I finally bread down and buy another. Then the old one turns up within a week. You probably needed a new phone anyway. Right?

    Mr Big: No you cannot. You left the house voluntarily without leaving a note or telling attendant where you were going. But it would depend on if you were suing in Dog Court or in Cat Court. In Cat Court, Cats are always right. And innocent. Even when they are wrong and guilty.

    Looks like Franklin has a great new friend. One of those low energy, low maintenance friends you can just hang out with on the sofa and you don’t have to put on a show for. Franklin has grown into quite the handsome gentleman, hasn’t he? (I think Diana has a thing for blonds. She is part Golden Retriever.)

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