Chet And Bernie #5

“Get the climax done yesterday?” says Admin.

“Did my best,” Spence says. “Threw in a little pathetic fallacy.”

“Careful with that!” Admin says. “And today the denouement, I suppose? Don’t get tied up in knots!”

Admin seems to think that’s pretty funny. He’s the only one laughing.


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94 Responses to “Chet And Bernie #5”

  1. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    9:25 am on December 9th, 2011

    Uh oh. Sounds like somebody bit the bullet.

    Oh, and good morning everyone.

  2. dawson
    9:26 am on December 9th, 2011

    Good morning everyone.
    Climax, pathetic fallacy, denouement and knots? Huh?
    I’ll ponder while I vote.

  3. Tyb
    9:26 am on December 9th, 2011

    Good Morning, All,

    We’re first again. That means everyone who signs on today should see this reminder to

    Vote, Vote, Vote.

  4. Melanie
    9:36 am on December 9th, 2011

    pathetic fallacy
    The attribution of human emotions or characteristics to inanimate objects or to nature; for example, angry clouds; a cruel wind.

    from the Free Online Dictionary

    “The Blog Has Spoken” from Melanie

  5. Melanie
    9:41 am on December 9th, 2011

    Good Morrow All!

    Doing a bit better. Not only up from the sick bed, and down from the sick room.

    Went on line to see The Treehouse Community. Then on to their Facebook. Found a very funny video called “Kimbo’s Quest”. It’s about their bulldog trying to get from one treehouse to another.

    I do not see the Newfs being Treehouse dwellers. snicker . . .

    And thanks to the Treehouse Community for supporting AJ!
    Here it is for those of you not on FB.

  6. Melanie
    9:42 am on December 9th, 2011

    Obviously, my grammar remains sick.

  7. Melanie
    9:42 am on December 9th, 2011

    snickering! Another pathetic fallacy!

    9:46 am on December 9th, 2011

    Barb here, at work. Also feeling much better today. Hope all are feeling chipper this morning.

  9. B.Stover
    9:49 am on December 9th, 2011

    Pathetic fallacy–what is the external object and what are the emotions involved? And whose emotions? Blast!! I don’t want to wait to find out but what choice do I have.

    Good morning all.

  10. B.Stover
    9:56 am on December 9th, 2011

    “Denouement” is derived from the French–denouer–which means to untie. That is the reason for Admin’s laugh.

  11. Tupper and Gilly
    10:18 am on December 9th, 2011

    Geez- sounds like Spence is the smartest one in the room today. (Bee and Melanie come in close seconds)
    Last minute packing- then out the door to the show. Wish us luck- Plunderer good wishes are all-powerful. How’s that for one of those fancy pathetic fallacy thingie?

  12. Siber-H
    10:23 am on December 9th, 2011

    T&G We wish your mom the best of luck this weekend!

  13. B.Stover
    10:24 am on December 9th, 2011

    In the video that Melanie posted, the end credits include “A special thanks to Mother Nature.” I like that!

    Good luck T&G’s mom.

  14. Melanie
    10:26 am on December 9th, 2011

    Dr.B. There’s an actor involved . . . maybe an award??

    Not wanting our days to get to peaceful, Mac decided that the Chicken Stew (morphed from the soup) was too good for humans.

    Stove top surfing. (rolling eyes) At least the new stove has the controls in the back, AND wasn’t on.

    So introducing the Holiday Season’s New Look!

    Stew hair . . .

  15. dawson
    10:30 am on December 9th, 2011

    B.Stover: Thanks for the denouement explanation. I get it now.

  16. Mollypop's Mom
    10:35 am on December 9th, 2011

    Siber-H – Here’s the perfect snowmaker for you. I think the snow cannon in that video I posted was too much power for you. This one is a snow gun and it will fill your yard with snow in a matter of a few hours. I’m sure your Mom will want you to have this.

  17. Riö - The Evil Pug
    10:35 am on December 9th, 2011

    Stew!…Hair!..heh!snort!heh!…That’s the only thing funny so far today and I’m the only one laughing around here….grunt!…My friend tried to get to work this morning and just missed out on being in a billion car pile-up or sliding off of the highway…wheeze!…They closed the highway and she crawled home at one mile per hour in a major traffic jam…sniff!…Fog and black ice are the culprits this morning. Needless to say it made for very angry pavement…shudder!

    Cards!…So in a little bit if the fog lifts, she said she is going to go to the post office and finally get rid of all these boxes within boxes…grunt!…Maybe if we are lucky and the goats are sleeping in, some guys will get their little gift cards by next week…sneeze!…Paws crossed and tails curled.

  18. Melanie
    10:48 am on December 9th, 2011

    Riö, Glad your friend is okay! Black ice and fog . . . sounds like you live near us.

    Talked to Dan this morning. He’s doing well. He will see his doc today. Zoë told him NOT to push his rehab because it the bone is going to need to heal.

    Right now I have Grace barking at me. She knows there is a new toy on the desk. She WANTS the new toy. NOW.

  19. B.Stover
    11:28 am on December 9th, 2011

    Oh, Mac! You look like one of the Little Rascals.

    Rio: “Angry pavement” is an excellent example of a pathetic fallacy.

  20. BearSpiritDog
    11:38 am on December 9th, 2011

    Good News!!!
    Spence completes climatic scene with touch of pathetic fallacy!
    Pug successfully catapults his way into tree house!
    Folks as far away as Costa Rica voting for our AJ!
    Melanie and Barb feeling tip-top!(well, almost)
    Rio’s Friend is safe at home!
    Laughter from Admin!

  21. Siber-H
    11:45 am on December 9th, 2011

    Mollypop’s Mom WOW! That is just my size snowgun and it is homemade. Maybe I could build one…pondering here. It looks like so much fun, even mom thinks so.

    Rio, I’m glad your friend made it home safely. Whew

    Mac, Trigger will be sending you a lifetime achievement certificate. Way to go guy!

  22. Trigger
    11:53 am on December 9th, 2011

    Heh, heh. Mac Attack!
    The Stew Hair is a nice added touch.
    Another student graduates with honors.
    High Four, Franklin! Carry on Partner.

  23. Melanie
    11:54 am on December 9th, 2011

    MollyPop’s Mom, I sent the link to ME nephew and YSAS. They love building things. They love the video and found one that explained his system. The only problem? We don’t need snow . . .

    Siber-H, Mac is pleased with himself NOW, not sure what he’ll do if he best a lifetime achievement certificate.

  24. Rose
    12:00 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Good afternoon!

    T&G: Tons of good luck for your mom!!!!

    Melanie: Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope Dan is doing well. LOL at Mac’s picture. He looks like Rasta-MAC!

    Barb: Nice to hear you are feeling tip-top.

    Rebecca: No sight of any flat rate boxes yet. (Shudder) Hope it is not the dreaded you-know-who….
    You are not unfit. It’s just the girls and I like to pretend we’re those Sex and the City gals….

    Rio: You can live with me. Promise no malls. And I’ll make sure we have the giant size bags of peanut M&Ms. You can pack your harmonica, and the Prof will pull out the guitar and banjo and you can jam together. Plus, I will have a special pillow for you so you can sleep on the big bed! Will you show me how to make your special hot-wings?

  25. Rose
    12:01 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Ro: BTW, I’m glad your friend made it home safely!

  26. Riö - The Evil Pug
    12:03 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Home!… She is not home anymore….snort!….She left for the post office and then she was going to try to get to the not-so-busy place via another route…grunt!….I don’t know if she made it there or not. My little Go-Phone has been silent all morning….sniff!

  27. Melanie
    12:06 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Bella, Can’t remember if I told you that the package arrived and THANKS! Those gators look and feel great. Also Patsy says, “Thanks”!

  28. Trigger
    12:52 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Congratulations to Rio!
    Although, not successful (to date) in surfing of the counter type variety, he never-the-less has mastered equally difficult moves.
    Yesterday he showed his skills at surf boarding, snow boarding and skate boarding. In addition, he appears to be teaching his own class.
    And, today? He did not accept defeat. Try, try again is this pug’s motto. If there is a will there is a way. Flying through the trees…it’s a bird, it’s a plane. No. it’s Super Pug!
    In honor of all these achievements, we salute him for graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Nation Within the Nation School of Amazing Canines.
    Our friend, Mac, on the heels of victory, is on his way to Colorado to present you with your very own Honorary Diploma in The Art of Counter Surfing.

  29. Riö - The Evil Pug
    1:34 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Identity!….Trigger, I like awards as much as the next guy, but it was not a Pug doing all those hair-brained stunts…grunt!…It was some members of the Bulldawg breed who like to defy death….heh! …I haven’t left my house in days and days and more days….sniff!

  30. Tyb
    1:39 pm on December 9th, 2011

    If you look closely at this banner, you should be able to identify, Sam, Tyb, and in a bit you’ll know Buddy. Buddy is a recent rescue who wants to be Chet’s friend and will
    probably be blogging.

  31. Tyb
    1:41 pm on December 9th, 2011

    The banner got away from me before I was finished with my entry. It is 3 feet by 6 feet and hangs on the side of a building in Ellicottville. The manufacturer of the hats, Knitwits has posted a copy of it on their facebook page.

  32. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:01 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Sammie!…Is that a Frog that little Sammie is wearing?…heh!snort!heh!

  33. Mollypop's Mom
    2:04 pm on December 9th, 2011

    I have the picture of the banner on the building. Sam’s girl is very excited about this.

  34. Riö - The Evil Pug
    2:07 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Cards!…. I just heard that she was able to make it to the Post Office and as a bit of luck would have it, get in front of a throng of people ….snort!….She held up the long line forever and ever. No one was very happy with her who happened to come in right after she did….wuffle!….Anyway, the little gift cards are on their way to all parts of this country and Canada by now…heh! …. Youse can expect to receive them on Monday, unless of course you are Dawson. Please let me know they arrive so she can keep track of which ones the Goats get….wuffle!

  35. Mollypop's Mom
    2:07 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Of course the picture is off-center and one corner is cut off. I will take another picture later.

  36. B.Stover
    2:12 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Sam looks beautiful as always. Is that TYB in the upper right?

  37. Sam
    2:12 pm on December 9th, 2011

    The banner with a picture of Moi is another step on my way to stardom. I can’t wait to play Princess in the Chet movie. I will be giving paw-tographs later this afternoon.

  38. Trigger
    2:20 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Rio! Our mistake and most sincere apologies. But… it COULD have been you. Perhaps that is the way the Plunderers all see you. We hope you will accept the Honorary Degree from Mac when he arrives. You are still Magna Cum Laude in our eyes.

  39. Masquers
    2:31 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Success is in the forecast for the Royals this weekend!

  40. Masquers
    2:44 pm on December 9th, 2011

    The banner is awesome! Stars are born. Go Sam, Blou and Tyb!

  41. Tyb
    3:23 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Yes, that’s a frog Sammie is wearing.

  42. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    3:27 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Toffee production is in full gear, but the boxes won’t go out until Monday due to mom’s office party tomorrow.

  43. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    3:28 pm on December 9th, 2011

    The banner is awesome! Which one is Buddy?

  44. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:35 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Sammie!…One has to wonder how far she will stoop to be come a Star!…chuffle!

  45. Rose
    3:39 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Wolfie: I hope your mom has a good time at her office party! Usually, where there is drink and employees, hidden secrets come out…. 🙂

  46. Rose
    3:42 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Rio: Just wondering, how are you and Beau getting along?

  47. B.Stover
    3:46 pm on December 9th, 2011


  48. Riö - The Evil Pug
    3:52 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Beau!….Beau is still learning the Golden Rule….snort!… Everything is Mine and Nothing is his….sniff! ….He is having trouble with this rule because quite frankly he is as stubborn and flat-headed as I am….grunt!….Tomorrow morning (first thing!) he is going to take a little drive to see the V-E-T and get his shots…heh!heh!….Poor bastard.

  49. Tyb
    3:56 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Buddy is the boxer with the red hat to the left of Sammie as you look at the banner.

    4:01 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Rio, Did you ever come up with an amount on the postage?

    The ARC is on its wasy to Wookie’s house. Went out in the mail yesterday. Hopefully will be there Sat. or Monday, unless the MGs get it. It was chomp-less when it left our premises.

  51. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:13 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Postage!… Someone else has all the paperwork with all the different amounts of postage on it….grunt!….She will figure it all out one day and send youse guys that owe her money an email…sniff!…Just wait and see if you even get your little gift cards first….heh!

  52. BearSpiritDog
    4:14 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Wolfie: What’s the latest on your mom’s office party? Who’s going…All in the Family? Congrats to her on the 30 years.

    Toffee! Yum!

  53. Riö - The Evil Pug
    4:16 pm on December 9th, 2011

    #5!…..When will Spencer come up with a real Title for Book #5?…snort!…I hope it is a good one!…sneeze!

  54. Masquers
    4:52 pm on December 9th, 2011

    For those of you not on facebookie a
    photo sent into Komo News this morning.

  55. OleyHowlers
    5:35 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Howdy, Mom has been busy at the county nursing home all day, so we had to babysit Kat. We have not had a chance to read everything we missed yet, but we wanted our friends on the West Coast to see this news:

    LUNAR ECLIPSE: Sky watchers on the Pacific side of Earth should be alert for a total lunar eclipse on Saturday, Dec. 10th. The disk of the full Moon will turn a beautiful shade of copper-red as it passes through Earth’s shadow between 4:45 am and 8:18 am Pacific Standard Time (12:45 to 16:18 UT). For observers in western parts of the USA and Canada, the event will be magnified by the Moon illusion as the morning Moon sets behind trees, buildings, and other foreground objects along the western horizon. Please check for more information and full coverage of the eclipse as it happens.

  56. Masquers
    5:52 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Howlers: Thank you for this important reminder and the link. Nights here have been cold and clear – hoping for some great photos! Setting our alarm for The Hour of the Wolf.

  57. Riö - The Evil Pug
    6:01 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Denouement!….I was looking up the word Denouement and ended up reading an essay by George Orwell called, The Hanging….snort!….Surprisingly, there is a dog in that essay. ….sneeze!

  58. bluecat
    6:01 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Hi, Everybody.

    8 year old Max is in a hospital in WV because he has leukemia. His Christmas wish is to receive 1,000,000 Christmas cards. If you choose to send a card:

    Ruby Memorial Hospital
    Attn: 9 West/Max
    1 Medical Center Drive
    Morgantown, WV 26506-8110

    Mom doesn’t let me on facebookie, or I’d post it there. Anyone?
    Thanks and happy weekend.

  59. Rose
    6:24 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Rio: Check your SDD when able.

  60. Masquers
    6:26 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Good work, BlueCat! We will post it for you on facbookie. A card is going out to Max tomorrow.

  61. Tupper and Gilly
    6:28 pm on December 9th, 2011

    There’s NO business
    Like SHOW business
    Like no business I know

    Everything about it is appealing
    (except the part about getting up at 3 am to set up at 4 am)

    Thanks for the good wishes everyone!

    We have our paws crossed…..

  62. Rose
    6:30 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Masquers, that is a great photo!

  63. B.Stover
    6:34 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Bluecat: I’ll be sending a card to Max.

  64. Siber-H
    6:37 pm on December 9th, 2011

    We’ll send a card to Max!

  65. Mollypop's Mom
    6:41 pm on December 9th, 2011

    I love taking pictures and I plunder on, no matter what. I refer to the picture of the nitwits banner with our dear Sam and Tyb. Oops, but so what.

    So let me show you all two pictures, one taken by me and one taken by Tyb’s Dad. The pictures are of a horse-drawn wagon in Ellicottville. Here’s the one by Tyb’s Dad.

  66. Rose
    6:42 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Masquers, will you be able to post of picture of the lunar eclipse?

  67. Mollypop's Mom
    6:44 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Now here’s my picture. There seems to be a car going by. The nerve!

  68. Rose
    6:57 pm on December 9th, 2011

    MollyPop’s Mom:

    That car did have some nerve! But both photos really capture the nice home-town feel! Very nice.

  69. Rose
    6:59 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Yawn…Long week. Signing off.

    Good night, sleep tight!

  70. Melanie
    7:01 pm on December 9th, 2011

    What a day . . .
    Beautiful moon pictures, Sam and TYB (and the new guy) looking good on that poster! Everything, just grand.

    Early to bed
    Late to rise
    Will help Melanie’s
    health to win a prize.


  71. Siber-H
    7:15 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Neat photos everyone!

    Masquers? Exactly which hour is the Hour of the Wolf? An inquiring canine mind wants to know. (because it sounds so cool)

  72. B.Stover
    7:41 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Mollypop’s Mom: You’re making me laugh!

  73. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:49 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Day!…What a day indeed!…grunt!….In fact, what a week. Someone here has been saying its been one of the worst weeks of her life…wuffle!….Although, She is happy about getting those little cards in the mail to everyone…sniff!…Now she says she can concentrate on Christmas doings….woooooo! …I wonder what I will get from Santa this year….yeep!

  74. Riö - The Evil Pug
    7:52 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Photos!… heh!snort!heh!…MollysMom that is pretty funny! The difference between someone who has an eye for photography and one who enjoys pushing the button is made very apparent in these two examples…heh!

  75. Mollypop's Mom
    8:10 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Yes, Rio, it’s clear to me that Tyb’s Dad enjoys just pushing the button and I am the one with the eye for photography. Oh well.

  76. dawson
    8:16 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Oley Howlers: Thanks for the heads up on the eclipse. I hope it is clear skies early tomorrow morning. I will look for it as I will be up and about to go to work.

    Rio: Wow, I’m looking forward to seeing the little quilled cards. My guess is they will arrive on Dec 28th. Which is fine with me, as they are all for me, me, me and me!

    Sam and Tyb: Can I have both of your autographs? Pretty please with chopped liver on top?

  77. Masquers
    8:17 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Siber: It is the hour between darkness and dawn.
    Rio: I will be watching the mail.
    Rose: Paws crossed.

  78. dawson
    8:20 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Mollypop’s Mom: That’s the kind of picture I take also. You managed to get 4 white cars in that picture. Heh, heh, heh. Amazing.

  79. BearSpiritDog
    8:20 pm on December 9th, 2011

    The latest (last) Harry Potter is here! – Bear

  80. Macy the Min-pin
    8:22 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Wolfie, are we too late to get on the toffee list?

    Sammie has a frog head.
    Sammie has a frog head.
    (just add sing-songy tune)

  81. Wolfie Wigglebutt
    8:30 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Grandma Jean, Aunt Barb, Aunt Sue, Uncle Ralph and mom and dad are going. Sadly, dad told mom that if she invites my boys, he won’t be going. He is a good man, but he isn’t as gullible, I mean as trusting as mom.

    Mom is making it up to my boys though. She took them to the big city and is taking them clothes shopping and out to dinner and then to a big box store for groceries. It would have cost a lot less money for them to go to the party.

    Cody is renting a room from a lady and her daughter close enough to walk to work. Apparently the lady has not been paying for rent or utilities, and now the power is turned off. It looks as if she is going on the lam. Cody’s hours have been cut and his girlfriend isn’t working and jobs are scarse in our small town.
    It is hard for mom not to worry. She wishes he could come home now that is is actually clean and sober.

  82. Riö - The Evil Pug
    8:41 pm on December 9th, 2011


  83. B.Stover
    8:51 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Mollypop’s Mom: The sky in your photo is beautiful.

  84. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:09 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Sky!…. Yes, but even if MollysMom was trying to take a photo of the Sky, why are all those white cars in the photo as well?…..heh!

  85. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:14 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Ornament!….SiberH! I’ve been dwelling on this all day…grunt!…What exactly does that Rockies Ornament look like that your friend from my state sent you?…..wuffle! ….I just have to have one…dammit!

  86. Barb & Maggie
    9:21 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Wolfie, Sounds like Cody is doing better. How long must he be sober before you would allow him to live at home?

    Hard week here, but Barb is feeling better. Looking forward to cards and toffee in her future.

    Might go watch some tv and have popcorn. Night all.

  87. dawson
    9:35 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Winter Tires! I’ve got brand new tires! Something was amiss with the old ones and they were still under warranty so now I have 4 new tires. Normally the “something amiss” would be noticed 1 day after the warranty expired. I also have an interior heater that the man who lives in this house bought for me but couldn’t figure out how to install. It is plugged in so I will see if the car is toasty in the morning.

  88. Siber-H
    9:38 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Rio, When I get over laughing I’ll answer your question.

    It is the size of a baseball, white, with red stitching on it so it looks like a baseball. It has the Colorado Rockies logo on one side of it.
    It isn’t fancy and I am sure it wasn’t expensive. If the Lowes store in Colorado Springs has it, the Lowes stores in your area should carry it.
    It has a little wire loop on the top so you can hang it on your Christmas tree.

  89. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:44 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Hmmmphf!…My friend will get me one, I just know it…snort!…Although, she does have other stores to visit tomorrow and I know the Low-down store is not on her list…grump! …I have to fix this inequality of ornaments as soon as possible…grunt!

  90. Riö - The Evil Pug
    9:50 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Garage!…My friend misses her garage so much this winter….wheeze!…The poor old Subaru has to sit outside in the elements while her mothers luxury car sits in the garage and never goes anywhere…grump!… Poor, poor old Subbie…sniff!… Life really sucks for you right now, doesn’t it?….sniff!

  91. C. Harris
    10:50 pm on December 9th, 2011

    Well, two weeks ago it was a new water pump ($1,000); yesterday my 50-gallon hot water tank gave out. Another emergency call. Just finished installing but it will be a while before I have hot water. I usually get myself a Christmas gift but I really wanted something besides a water pump and a hot water heater.

  92. Elliot
    11:58 pm on December 9th, 2011

    You all are very amusing today. And literary. And acrobatic (the Flying Bulldog). Time to go to bed. The Catty Librarian wants to see the eclipse tomorrow morning but I don’t think a picture is in the plans because…it will be Too Dark.

  93. Masquers
    7:26 am on December 10th, 2011

    Woke up to bright light
    of the full moon
    Lunar Eclipse?
    it will be soon.

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