Bonus Short Story Reminder!

(If you’ve already preordered Tender Is The Bite, the next Chet and Bernie novel, your receipt will still work! The Numbers After Two, the new C&B short story, will be emailed to you on pub date, July 6.)




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9 Responses to “Bonus Short Story Reminder!”

  1. Wose-The Small and Meek
    10:05 am on May 12th, 2021


    One day closer to new C&B!

    Good day to all!

  2. B. Stover
    10:58 am on May 12th, 2021

    Good day to all.

  3. Hobbit
    11:59 am on May 12th, 2021

    Wose:I like the way you think!

    Looks like a sunny day ahead of me which has been rare recently.

    I had my first Oncology Massage yesterday and it was wonderful and helpful (but my secondary insurance won’t pay for it even though I was referred by my doctor).

    Mr. Big has taken to eating her food and then going over to Chessie’s food and taking over from Chessie who moves away. Time to find the spray bottle.

    Happy Hump Day everyoe.

  4. mlaiuppa
    5:17 pm on May 12th, 2021


    I’m already up to chapter six of Bark vs Snark. I’m not going to make it until July 6. Not even with Olive, Mabel and Me to fill in. I’m looking through my book stack for more dog books. I’ve got two Repo Madness but not sure how much a dog is involved. There’s Ann Garvin’s The Dog Year but I don’t think there is much dog in that either. I have John Homan’s What’s a Dog For? and that might be the winner. I think I might have a Christmas dog book around somewhere too but I was hoping that and others might get me from July to October.

    *Gasp*. I might be reduced to …. cleaning the house.

  5. Herd of Hounds
    6:35 pm on May 12th, 2021

    Never, I repeat never be reduced to cleaning house. Revel in the dog hair collected for chengora even, but don’t clean.
    Looking so forward to two books and a short story this year!

  6. WATP
    7:25 pm on May 12th, 2021

    Mlaiuppa: The Cameron repo books are excellent but the dog is a fairly peripheral character in them. If looking for dog related series, I would highly recommend a few other authors — David Rosenfelt (both the Andy Carpenter and the K-team series); Donna Ball (both the Raine Stockton and the Flash series); and Allen Russell.

  7. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:11 pm on May 12th, 2021

    Tomatoes!…Wheeze!…My friend planted 2+2 tomato plants this afternoon in Buckets!…grunt!…Yes in Buckets! We do not have much, if any bare ground around here and the little we do have will be planted with perenials at some point…sniff!…So my friend is experimenting with tomatoes in Buckets…heh!

    Dirt!…Buckets take a helluva lota dirt and compost and wot-not to fill them up…gasp!…We spent all afternoon on this project. Plus she had to pound drainage holes in the 2 new buckets before filling them…gruffle!…Anyways there are 2 and 2 tomato plants planted in buckets ready to produce wonderful tomatoes any day now!…chuffle!

  8. Riõ - The Evil Pug
    10:32 pm on May 12th, 2021

    Wookie!…I know youse are wondering what variety of tomatoes my friend planted…sneeze!…Well, my friend always tries to find the “Celebrity” variety. Last year she failed…and the tomatoes were not up to par…sniff!…But this year she found “Celebrity” and she is very hopeful indeed about this years crop even though they are in Buckets…heh!heh!

  9. Hobbit
    11:41 pm on May 12th, 2021

    MLIAUPPA: I still have to clean house too.

    RIO: Does your town have community garden plots that would allow Friend to farm to her heart’s content? There may be carrots in your future. (Does the buckets keep you from “watering” them?)

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