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February 4th, 2023 Posted 7:50 am

Many thanks to Mary Phillips for telling us a little more about Stella, Chet’s February Friend. Next month this could be you! Just send in a photo. Whoever the random number generator picks is Chet’s friend of the month, and the human companion gets a signed copy of the next Chet and Bernie novel, in this case Bark To The Future:
“Stella is a 22lb Boston Terrier. She’s not the athlete that Chet the Jet is but she has the same heart! She is a good, sweet girl and very well loved. 💕

Out of Tune


February 3rd, 2023 Posted 12:29 pm

Today I took a rather windy and somewhat brisk bike ride for an hour or so. No one around so breaking into song for a moment or two caused no disturbance. Speaking of singing, here’s a little something from Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge ( coming July 25, available for pre-order):
Norm gazed at her, his eyes now deep in his skull and getting deeper, but she could still see him way down in there, her Norm. He began to sing My Funny Valentine. Norm was a terrible singer– although he did a lot of singing during the course of an average day – scratchy, out of tune, unstable in pitch – but this one time, two days from death, as it turned out, and until he’d run out of oxygen, he’d sung like an angel, or, to be more specific, Tony Bennett.

Monthly Digital Deal!


February 2nd, 2023 Posted 8:03 am

Everywhere e-books are sold – Amazon, iTunes, B&N, etc. $1.99! With inflation that’s more or less zero. Perhaps an easy way to introduce a friend to Chet and Bernie. The series can be read in any order, but it did start with this one.




February 1st, 2023 Posted 8:57 am

The random number generator speaks (in the voice of early Marlon Brando): “Stella!” That makes Stella Chet’s February Friend of the Month. Stella will be the profile pic for the entire month – as soon as IT shows up – and the human companion will receive a signed copy of Bark To The Future, the latest Chet and Bernie novel. Next month this could be you! Just send in a pic to the FB page. R#G does the rest!


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