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March 4th, 2009 Posted 8:15 am

Went to the Dry Gulch Steakhouse and Saloon last night. Love that place! They’ve got a big wooden cowboy out front – once I lifted my leg against him, not good I know, but just too tempting. Prof was having a drink in the patio bar. Have I mentioned Prof? He teaches at the U and is our expert for following money. I’m our expert for following people, in case that isn’t clear by now.

Prof and Bernie started talking about the economy. That’s all I’m hearing these days. What’s going on? Prof said what worries him most is East Europe. Have I been there? Not sure. I remember a drive out to East Pedroia where we ended up in a warehouse full of stolen tanning beds. “Whole countries are insolvent,” Prof said, whatever that means. I was under the bar by then, busy with a nice fatty corner of steak, not really listening. “Check out the zloty,” Prof was saying. “It’s in the toilet.” 

That got my attention. Back home, I looked in both toilets. Whatever the zloty is, it wasn’t in either one. Nothing in them but fresh cool water, which is my preference when it comes to toilets.


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