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Chetspeak (4): A Yiddish Moment


April 7th, 2013 Posted 8:55 am

“Hold it,” Bernie said, raising his hand in the stop sign as we were about to step inside, “have you dusted for prints yet?” We’d worked together a lot, me and Bernie, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. He had a nose, even kind of big for a human, but what did it do?

“Yup,” said Rick. “Bupkis.”

Bupkis? I remembered no perps of that name.

“Where’d you learn a word like that?” Bernie said.

“Counterman at the Brooklyn Deli,” said Rick.

Bernie laughed. Whatever the joke was, I’d missed it, but I knew the Brooklyn Deli, a downtown joint I didn’t get to nearly enough.

– from To Fetch a Thief.

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