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Wookie: R.I.P.


December 28th, 2012 Posted 7:56 am

Admin: We were so sorry to hear yesterday’s sad news about Wookie. He was beautiful in body and soul and a very important part of this blog from almost the beginning. Our thoughts are with Maury and Debbie today. They and Wookie modeled the human/dog relationship in such a lovely way.

Welcome holiday reveler, two Xmas fans, Enzo, Hoss & Cinders, Shane, Capt.Jack Sparrow, Roscoe & Tucker, Shadow, Chance, Charka, water-watching dude, Gina, Lena, Ripley Beachmaster, reader at Peerless Book Store, Hey Boy (in memory), Susie. Morena and Chance – please retry.



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Ides Of March Edition: Wookie’s Checkpoint, Coming Up!


March 15th, 2012 Posted 7:48 am

“Looks like AJ’s on his way to Elim,” says Spence. “Which is Wookie’s checkpoint. Go Snowhook! We’re talking about the Iditarod, for anyone new here, this great race where we’re very emotionally involved with the Snowhook team.”

“What’s our checkpoint, again?”

“Golovin, I think,” Spence says.

“Sounds Russian,” Admin says.

“I don’t think they go that far.”

“But have they been through Golovin yet?”

“Not sure. How about we give Rebecca a call today? She’s in Nome.”

“Why not?”

Welcome Smiley LaBrador and Bazalgette.




November 5th, 2011 Posted 8:00 am

“Anyone throw anything?” says Admin.

“Nope,” Spence says. “It was a safe evening. And actually very nice. For one thing, the lectern stood in front of a statue of Emerson, so he was kind of watching my back.”

“Did you make any Emerson jokes?”

“Such as?”

[In Schwarzenegger accent] “Transcend this, baby!”

Silence. “Also I got to meet Addie, this service dog-in-training. And guess who trains her. Inmates at a nearby medium security prison.”

“Were they wearing orange jumpsuits?”

“The inmates weren’t at the talk,” Spence says. “And the very best thing about the whole evening was that I got to meet Wookie’s human companions. D and M both have such a lovely way about them. They wore their Chet ID badges in case I was slow on the uptake. In fact, they helped make the whole thing better for everyone. D supplied an acronym SJ Rozan was searching for in her talk, and M asked some great questions and also mentioned Snowhook. Would have been great to spend more time with them. Happy birthday, M!”

Welcome Bella and dude with an offer.


For Wookie


February 23rd, 2011 Posted 8:20 am

“This one’s for Wookie,” says Spence.

“He means a lot to this blog,” says Admin.

“Let’s have a thought for Wookie,” says Spence.

We’re all quiet for a moment. I’m quiet anyway, on account of I’m pretty much napping at the moment. Still a bit sleepy from our adventures up in the high country. And all that lovely fresh water! It’s all in The Dog Who Knew Too Much, except for the forgotten parts.

“That hidden joke in Quacky Baseball?” Spence says. “It may have been oversold a bit.”

“You’re welcome to your opinion,” says Admin.


Welcome to the drummer, Tatto the Wonder Dog, chauffeur and rider. And ocean lover!


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