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The Womens Correctional Institute and the Iditarod


March 17th, 2015 Posted 7:58 am

A new wrinkle! Will we see Twig and Charlie in orange jump suits? Here’s the overnight report from Rebecca, CEO of Snowhook, our team in the Iditarod. Snowhook’s care for the members of the nation within is self-evident in this report.

If I was not a witness to it, I would not have believed it. Upon her return from the trail, Twig stole retired dog, Doc’s loveseat which he rightfully commandeered when their mother, Annabelle passed away. Twig appears to consider it payment for her services as one of Snowhook’s lead dogs. And, she makes no apologies.
Dropped dogs are sent home from the trail for a variety of reasons—injury, illness, fatigue or poor appetite. Our approach is a conservative one when it comes to dog care. It is not about pushing, but preventing. It is much easier to keep a dog healthy than it is to get a dog healthy. This is AJ’s way. And, I have complete trust in how AJ cares for our family on the trail.

At the time of this report, AJ has dropped four dogs. Only two—Twig and Charlie—have returned home. I have not received the call from race volunteers to inform me who else has been dropped.

A dropped dog is not a lesser dog. In fact, the canines sent home from the trail receive quality care at the women’s correctional facility until they can be collected by handlers and taken home. Released for time served and good behavior, the dogs’ stay at the prison is brief.

While the reasons for dropping a dog may vary, what does not vary is the welcome each receives upon their return. The dogs returning to our kennel are greeted with extra food and water, belly rubs, a motherly once over, and then more belly rubs. This is my way.


Welcome home, welcome home.


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