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Dry Gulch (More)


October 21st, 2010 Posted 8:17 am

Ray was wearing a wire? I’d seen wires before in this job. Bernie had even worn one himself on a real dangerous case we once worked involving a cult. No idea what a cult is, exactly, but they had this college kid and the parents wanted her back. A wire is for recording conversations with no one else knowing.

Bernie gave Ray a real hard look. At the same time, he buttoned up Ray’s shirt so the wire no longer showed and said, “What’s up, Ray?”

Ray licked his lips, the way humans do when they’re nervous. I opened up my mouth real wide, not sure why.

“Something to drink?” the bartender said.


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Dry Gulch (More)


October 18th, 2010 Posted 8:53 am

Ray came over to where we were sitting. Human fear has a smell and I was smelling it big time.

“What are you doing here, Ray?” Bernie said.

“My … dad sent me.”

“Colonel Bob?”

Ray nodded.

“I thought you weren’t on speaking terms,” Bernie said.

Ray shrugged. That’s a human thing I always watch for. It can mean a few things, usually not good.

“When’s he coming here?” Bernie said.

“That’s the thing – he got … tied up temporarily. He’d like it if you came to him.”

Bernie gave Ray a long look. “Where’s that?” he said.

“I can show you.”

Bernie nodded. Then he did something surprising: He reached out and unbuttoned the top buttons of Ray’s shirt. I’d seen wires before: that’s basic in this business. Ray was wearing one.


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