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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Pics


February 12th, 2019 Posted 7:59 am


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Westminster (More)


February 11th, 2011 Posted 8:29 am

“Well,” says Admin, “looks like there’ll be six new breeds at the dog show this year – Boykin spaniel, bluetick coonhound, redbone coonhound, Leonberger, Icelandic sheepdog and cane corso. You heard of any of these?”

“Nope,” said Spence. “No idea what they look like, either. Then there’s this whole question of breeds and non-breeds.”

They both turn to me, not sure why. Were they talking about burgers just now?

“You could argue,” Admin says, “that each individual non-breed is a sort of one-of-a-kind.”

“This one sure is,” says Spence.

What’s this all about? You tell me.


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Congratulations Stump!


February 11th, 2009 Posted 7:55 am

Way to go, Stump, winner of the Westminster Show last night. The ears on that old guy – maybe the best I’ve ever seen. And the whole show – is there anything better on TV? Not that I know of. I didn’t catch quite all of it, on account of when the dogs run around the circle I get a bit excited. Did you see how many treats they got? Watch how the handlers are always reaching into their pockets – that’s for treats! Can’t tell you what kind because there’s no smell on TV, one of the big drawbacks. Are they working on fixing that? Also, TV has sound but it’s not quite right. Bernie never seems bothered by that. Maybe humans don’t notice. Humans are full of surprises, but I’ve liked just about every one I’ve ever met, even some of the perps we’ve taken down.




February 6th, 2009 Posted 9:14 am

Westminster Dog Show’s coming up soon. How soon? Don’t know. But every time Bernie turns on the TV I start getting excited and then it’s not there. Bernie says there’s going to be a new competitor this year – “the Dogue de Bordeaux, Chet.” Hey! I remember him from Turner and Hooch, one of our favorites, although I think I like Hotel For Dogs better. That Dogue is a big friendly type with lots of drool. Not a drooler myself, but it doesn’t bother me, not one bit. In fact, it’s kind of cool. Some humans see a drooler and go, “Ew.” But guess what – if you’ve ever had the chance to check out humans just before they wake up in the morning, chances are you’ve seen drool, and plenty of it. We’re all in this together, as Bernie said one time when we were in a crowded elevator. No one laughed.


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