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Post Mortem


April 30th, 2011 Posted 10:01 am

“How did the talk go?” says Spence.

“No one threw anything,” Admin says.

“Always a good sign.”

It was? Not to me. I almost always like when people throw things. Because then I go get them! Dudes throwing knives? That’s a little different. Once there was this perp, name escaping me at the moment, who had a real pointy nose that reminded me of a knife and he turned out to be good with knives, kind of an interesting something or other. But Bernie can be quick, and he shifted his head just in time, the knife sticking deep into the wall of the shed. After that the pointy-nose dude – what’s that expression? – got what was coming to him. That’s how we do things here at the Little Detective Agency.

From Admin: Here’s Ian once more, Friend of the Month. Ian’s human associate can get in touch with Spence (spence.quinn@gmail) and the prize – a signed copy of To Fetch A Thief – will be winging its way.

Welcome Tigro (who has good taste in literature), Becca, Daisy.


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