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Fluid Dynamics, Tongue Power, and the Nation Within


December 9th, 2014 Posted 7:53 am


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Pub Day: The Dog Who Knew Too Much


September 6th, 2011 Posted 6:41 am

Spence is already gone, hitting the road to North Conway, NH – Maestro’s Restaurant at noon, talk and signing – plus a raffle! There’s still some coffee in his cup. Coffee’s not my thing. I’ll eat just about anything – I admit it – but when it comes to drinking, water’s pretty much it. Any meaning in that? I leave it to you.


Yellow Jackets


October 25th, 2010 Posted 8:59 am

“Those smart guys at Georgia Tech have been doing some interesting things,” Bernie says. “Specifically they’ve done the math on how the nation within the nation shakes off water.”

I look at Bernie, my favorite human by far. I like just about every human I’ve ever met – including most of the perps and gangbangers, especially Moon Droggins, who shared a burrito with me when we were taking him in – but sometimes they lose me.


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Back From The Edgars


May 1st, 2010 Posted 7:58 am

“So,” says Spence. “How did the acceptance speech go?”

“No one threw anything. I told the email story.”

“You didn’t.”

“Yeah, I did. Sort of.”

“Sort of?” says Spence. “Meaning you’ve told it better?”

“Kind of.”

“Did anyone laugh?”

“Possibly. I wasn’t absorbing things too well.”

“God almighty,” say Spence, taking the bourbon off the shelf and pouring for the two of them and Bernie. But not me: water’s my drink. I lap up some from my bowl and head for the window by the front door. Hey! Who’s that coming up the walk, dressed all in black?

Many, many thanks everybody for all the kind words and support. And is there a picture of Hawaiian pants in there? Spectacular!


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