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What’s In A Name?


December 16th, 2013 Posted 9:14 am

Ms. Publicist.: A day late, but time for our regular once-a-month feature, What’s In A Name. Who will it be today, Spence?

Spencer Quinn: How about Suzie Sanchez, Bernie’s reporter girlfriend who left the Valley to take a job at the Washington Post. She has a big part in Paw and Order.

Ms. P.: I notice you spell Suzie with a Z, not an S.

S.Q.: Right. I like the two Z’s in her name. Suzie Sanchez: there’s something percussive and musical about it, almost like the name is a tiny piece of music all on its own. Talk about allure! Also it’s an unpretentious name, and Suzie’s obviously not bothered about the diminutive. But there’s nothing cute about her. She’s sharp, determined, self-reliant. I like that contrast.

Ms. P.: Sanchez is a Hispanic name.

S.Q.: She’s from the Southwest, and Sanchez has some heft to it, almost like the opposite of a diminutive. Will she keep it if she and Bernie get married?

Ms. P.: Whoa! Are you telling us something?

S.Q.: Gotta take a call.


Welcome Isabel (detective).


Washington Post Review: The Dog Who Knew Too Much


April 4th, 2012 Posted 8:17 am

If dogs could talk, they’d probably sound like Chet, narrator of The Dog Who Knew Too Much , by Spencer Quinn (Atria, $25). A robust 99-pound mixed breed, Chet enjoys Slim Jims as much as he adores Bernie Little, his partner in crime solving. In this fourth installment of Quinn’s series, Bernie and Chet search for a boy named Devin, missing from a wilderness hike. Then Bernie lands behind bars, Chet is dognapped, and they need every bit of their combined wits to crack an increasingly complex case. But no force of evil can defeat a dog who rides shotgun in a Porsche. – Kathy Blumenstock


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