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Friend of the Month Reminder!


August 31st, 2012 Posted 8:11 am

“Last day of August already?” says Spence.

“Ou sont les soleils d’antan?” says Admin.

“Huh?” says Spence. “Anyway it’s time to remind everyone that today’s the last day of eligibility for September’s Friend of the Month contest. All you have to do is upload a photo to the Friends of Chet gallery. The random # generator does the rest! If you’re already in the gallery you’re eligible till the cows come home.”

“Ou sont les vaches d’antan?”

“Prize is a signed copy of The Dog Who Knew Too Much and the winning Friend of the Month is displayed for the entire month in the special place over on the right where Bob is now. Easy, fun, and we’ll throw in a vegematic slicer.*”

Welcome Lefty from Snowhook Kennel (“our” team in the Iditarod. Go Snowhook!)

*all 100% true except for the slicer part.



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