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Tucker and His Anonymous Benefactor


April 24th, 2014 Posted 9:07 am

A very nice story:



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Med School


May 15th, 2011 Posted 8:03 am

“What did we do before the internet?” says Spence.

“Had actual thoughts,” says Admin.

Spence has this way of not hearing what just got said. He and I are alike at times.

“For example,” he goes on, “I found this link to the kind of surgery Audrey had – tibial tubercal advancement – that makes it easy to visualize.”

“I’d have preferred Sundays With Ingrid,” Admin says.

Welcome Rocco and family.


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May 13th, 2011 Posted 7:34 am

“Audrey comes home today,” says Admin.

“Can’t wait,” says Spence. “It’s way too quiet without her.”

“But now she has to be kept quiet herself. Didn’t the vet say they were a bit surprised at how peppy she was after the surgery?”

“Apparently she chewed the catheter out of her paw and they had to give her a bigger conehead thing.”

“Oh, boy.”

“Siber-H’s suggestion about driving her around sounds good.”

“We could drive to Patagonia and back. That would just about do it. And there’s another rabbit! They’re taking advantage of her absence. How are we going to keep her from noticing?”

Spence and Admin go quiet. I can feel them thinking. Hope they come up with something. It happens, although maybe not often.


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May 12th, 2011 Posted 8:56 am

“The vet says the surgery went well,” Spence says. “Audrey’s ACL was 95% shredded and her meniscus was gone, but he was still able to do the less complicated of the two possible procedures.”

“Whew,” says Admin.

“She comes home on Friday,” Spence says. “That’s when our work starts – keeping her from doing all the things she does.”

“Have you noticed all the rabbits and squirrels and chipmunks around suddenly?” Admin says. “Taking advantage of her absence. That’s going to drive her crazy.”

“But right now,” says Spence, “the important thing is to thank everyone for their good wishes. It means a lot.”

“Yes,” says Admin. “Thanks, everybody.”

Welcome Binzer, and thanks for the encouraging message.


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The Books

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