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February 14th, 2021 Posted 7:47 am

On Sunday we normally do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker, but today we thought: How about posting some quote on Valentine’s Day from the Chet and Bernie series? Except, after a less than exhaustive search, we couldn’t find a single one! Well, what about plain old love? There’s plenty of that. This is from Heart of Barkness:

Hey, Shermie,” Bernie said. “What are you doing on the loose?”

Exactly! Hadn’t we sent him up the river not so long ago? No water in that particular river, but not the point. Why wasn’t he in an orange jumpsuit and doing whatever they do up at Northern State when the hot sun goes down and they have to stop with the rock breaking?

“Early parole,” Shermie said. “On account of overcrowding. This is a civilized country, don’t forget.”

“It’s hard sometimes,” Bernie said.

Shermie laughed and slapped his knee. It sounded like a gunshot. “You can say that again.”

Bernie did not. Instead he went with, “You’re the bouncer here?”

“My mom’s tight with the owner,” said Shermie. His face pinkened a bit. Was Shermie blushing? I’d seen plenty of human blushing, but never on a face like that. Right away I knew it was one of those once-is-enough things.

“Everybody loves somebody sometime,” Bernie said.

“Wow!” said Shermie. “That’s so true!”


Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 14th, 2018 Posted 7:48 am


Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 14th, 2017 Posted 8:20 am



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