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August 22nd, 2018 Posted 8:38 am

As we mentioned yesterday, tennis comes up from time to time in the novels of Peter Abrahams a.k.a. Spencer Quinn. Is it because Pete’s been a (not very good) tennis player for most of his life? Since the U.S. Open has begun, we thought we’d post a few tennis scenes. Here’s the tennis lesson from THEREBY HANGS A TAIL (#2 in the ongoing Chet and Bernie series – but they can be read in any order!).

On one side of the net stood a tall blond guy with a bucket of balls at his feet; on the other side, an older guy, small, with a gray beard: Sherman Ganz. I always notice beards. A strange human thing: only some men have them, and women never. What was that about?

The tall blond guy took a ball from the bucket and hit it to Ganz. Ganz wore white shorts, had skinny legs like sticks. He swung his racquet and hit the ball back. The tall guy let it go by, took out another ball. “Brush up, Shermie, brush up. Spin on the ball, always spin on the ball.” He hit the ball over the net. Ganz swung, this time missing the ball completely. “Brush up but through, up but through, up but through,” said the tall guy, sending over another ball. Brush? I knew brushes, saw none around. Maybe tennis was tougher than it looked, but I didn’t worry about that because a ball came bouncing over in our direction – we were now beside the court – and I snatched it out of the air, and who wouldn’t have, the ball being right there practically saying, “Catch me.” And then – this part was a bit harder to understand – I was on the court, racing toward the net. Up and over: not much of a challenge, tennis nets turning out not to be very high, but still it felt so great, being airborne and all, that I kind of twisted around still up there, if you see what I mean, and landed facing back at the net, and the next thing I knew I was jumping over it again, from the other direction, and, yes! doing the spin move once more, and when I landed this time, somehow with two balls in my mouth now – how had that happened? – I –



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September 12th, 2015 Posted 7:59 am

Five Stars – Go Chet and Bernie!

This is one of my favorite series! I SO wish I could meet Bernie and Chet and of course Shooter! A fun read and always well written!

Published 3 days ago by Heidi M. Funk

Tennis fans – don’t miss the U.S. Open final tomorrow. Could be one of the greatest.


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