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The Writing Game (As My Grandmother Called It)


September 28th, 2023 Posted 7:26 am

He gestured with his chin, one of the best human moves there is – I’d like to see more of it – at the blank sheet of paper on the table.
“Thought I’d take a swing at writing, big guy. Writing a story. Made up. You know. Fiction.”
I did not know but whatever this was had that non-starter feeling about it. For some reason I thought right away about Hawaiian pants and tin futures.
(Chet and Bernie in Up On The Woof Top, coming Oct. 17. Preorderable. Is it too early to be buying holiday presents?)



September 25th, 2023 Posted 7:49 am

Welcome to Up On The Woof Top (coming Oct. 17, preorders welcome):

Not long after that, we turned onto a single-lane road, a very unusual road paved with red and green bricks. Soon we rolled up to a gatehouse and came to a stop. A very tall dude with a tiny strip of tinsel caught in his beard stepped out.
“Merry Christmas!” he said.
“Well, it’s a little early, but – “
“And welcome to Kringle Ranch! Mr. Little, I presume?”
“Bernie,” said Bernie.
“And this must be Chet. My goodness!” He pressed a button and the gate swung open. “Second left, third right’ll take you straight to Cratchit House. Key and welcome note are under the mat. Enjoy your stay! Merry Christmas!”
“Same to you,” Bernie said.
“That’s what I like to hear! They don’t call me Santa’s gatekeeper for nothin’.”




September 23rd, 2023 Posted 8:04 am

Three approaches to a Chet and Bernie Christmas/holiday story. First came Santa 365, a short story available in digital and audio form (voiced, as is all C&B by the great Jim Frangione). Then came the novel It’s A Wonderful Woof – let’s call that the Baroque approach – in hardcover, paperback, digital, audio. And on Oct. 17, preorderable in hardcover, digital, audio we’ll have the novel Up On The Woof Top. Let’s call it the Dickensian approach. And I’m getting the crazy feeling I’m still not done with this!





Sneak Peek!


September 22nd, 2023 Posted 7:50 am

Today, from the publisher’s blog – a sneak peek excerpt from Up On The Woof Top, the next Chet and Bernie novel, coming Oct. 17. This will get you started!

Excerpt Reveal: Up on the Woof Top by Spencer Quinn


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