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March 3rd, 2010 Posted 8:27 am

Bernie says we have to do some housekeeping. This means what, exactly?

“Tell them that other guy’s site isn’t up to date. I checked it yesterday and it needs work – problem is you-know-who has to find someone to do a whole redesign, he says. Hope it happens soon, because the site doesn’t even mention Bullet Point, his teen suspense novel – pretty dark, for teens – coming out in April. And why doesn’t it say that Reality Check is a finalist for the best YA Edgar Award?”

Don’t ask me.

“And as for the To Fetch A Thief pub date – there’s still nothing set.”

To Fetch A Thief? I thought the title was …

“And ask them, kind of as an experiment, if they’d like to read this short story the other guy wrote for a kids collection called Up All Night. It’s over 5000 words, but you could post it over the course of three days or so.”

I could. Or I could have a nice big stretch.



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