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Congratulations to Snowhook!


March 16th, 2013 Posted 9:20 am

Our team in the Iditarod, greatest sled dog race on earth. Here’s a wonderful wrap-up from Rebecca, Snowhook’s  indomitable CEO.

I fell asleep— a long overdue rest—last night without thought of anything else including the update from the finish line.

C. Hobbit and I had use of vehicle yesterday so we drove to Farley’s Camp where teams cross the road as they near Nome.  As the winds blew, I we looked and looked for the team.  Out of no where, the team made and appearance.  It was whiteout conditions at dog level and AJ was wearing his white wind suit.  The only thing that tipped me off to his presence was his orange gloves radiating through the white and the wind.  I tried to give AJ his favorite soda, but he handed it back saying it was too windy and he needed to hold on to the handlebar.  C. Hobbit and I raced back to town and to the finishing chute.  We were informed that it was a race to the finish between AJ and another team.  This is the second time AJ has finished less than two minutes after the musher in front of him.  I was so proud of the team and AJ as they crossed the finish line.  

Each year after the team has crossed the finish line, AJ has lifted up a dog above his head to touch their paw to the burled arch.  In 2011 it was Whitey-Lance in celebration of staying with the team and not going on a wanderabout.  Last year, to show appreciation for a career well run, AJ lifted his main lead dog, Annabelle above his head to mark her retirement.  Who was it this year and why?  Lead dog and Annabelle’s daughter, Twig.  AJ caught the flu or stomach bug on the trail.  With exhaustion and the inability to keep anything in his stomach, he was in poor condition.  A friend of the kennel who was volunteering at the Elim checkpoint, reported that he tried to get AJ to rest even longer because he was in bad shape.  Rarely running a dog in single lead rather than double, he put Twig in the single lead position, a responsibility she proved to manage well.  As the race continued, AJ’s health deteriorated.  Calling on the team, Twig single led the team on the coast.  She rallied and cared for AJ as he had done for team and the team responded to her leadership.  For this—for her care, her tenacity, her resolve—AJ lifted Twig above his head and touched her paw to the burled arch in gratitude.  Thank you Twig, you are our special girl!

C. Hobbit at the finish line, and Twig:



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