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Happy Holidays!


December 25th, 2011 Posted 8:37 am

“To one and all,” says Spence. “And especially to all involved in this blog community.”

“Did you get that tinsel out of Audrey’s mouth?” Admin says.

“Had to reach way in there,” Spence says. “The metallic taste must have been driving her crazy.”

“Let’s give her a treat.”

“Another one?”

“Why not? It’s Christmas.”

Welcome Devin and Chloe, Gracey, Dora (guinea pig buddy).

Audrey (before she learned about tinsel):


Audrey Update


May 14th, 2011 Posted 8:08 am

“Thanks, everyone, for your concern and good wishes,” Spence says. “Audrey’s home now, wearing a huge collar – “

“And showing signs,” says Admin, “of not wanting to cooperate when it comes to resting comfortably. The next few weeks are going to be – not hell, exactly, because after all, she’s back, but – “

“How about let’s start by giving her treat?”

“Now you’re thinking.”

Welcome cat-stalker.


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Even More Background


December 3rd, 2010 Posted 9:01 am

“Oops,” says Bernie. “We forgot to look this over yesterday. It’s from B. Stover. And speaking of B. Stover, I wonder what she’d think of the misuse of ‘begging the question’, just everywhere these days. Came across it last night in The Voice, the new Sinatra bio I was otherwise enjoying.”

Begging? Begging for treats is bad. I know that very very well and would never ever do it intentionally.

From B. Stover:

1. Col. Bob met his son, Ray Jason, after Ray followed him in his car. This was in Bakersfield. Col. Bob gave Ray $300 from his ATM. We don’t know what either said to the other except that Ray hates Col. Bob.

2. Astrid is missing and according to Bernie, Ray is also missing.

3. For some reason (a “hunch”?) Bernie thought that he could get info on Astrid from Albie Rose in Vegas and he goes there and questions Albie. Albie wants to hire Bernie, who will have none of that. Albie was married to Tiffany who changed her name from Ethel which was an alias for Astrid. Foster first saw her at a show as Ethel the Ready. Albie is very jealous, asks why Foster knew Tiffany 3 was really Ethel. Albie was married eight times.

4. Foster, dressed in all black, comes to Bernie’s house. He wants to sell Bernie information about Astrid; he knows nothing about Ray. He does not want to work for Albie any longer and has a new gig in LA. He says that Astrid/Tiffany 3 liked Albie and that Albie was wrong about the other dude.

5. Bernie and Chet are meeting with Foster in an unfinished housing development somewhere, I think, in the desert near Vegas. The housing development for some reason has windowless houses. Foster trusts Bernie and I think Bernie feels sorry for Foster.

6. Bernie has not told Foster or Albie who his client is. He has given Foster $1.000 and we will apparently learn next what Foster knows, probably a very tenuous assumption.


A Great Country


September 12th, 2010 Posted 8:14 am

“Here’s something, Chet,” Bernie says, turning the page. “Out in Fort Worth – good country music in Fort Worth, by the way – a woman named Janice Ford Grimes is opening a pet resort called Spa Paws Hotel this month. Upholstered beds, satin and chenille – whatever that is – blankets, flat screen TV’s and treats on the pillow. There’ll be facials – would you like a facial, big guy? – Swarovski-crystal collars for sale – no clue what that means – and turn-down service every night. Rooms go for $65 to $200 a night. The best suites overlook an atrium, where robotic squirrels will be the floor show. I’m having so much trouble taking this in I almost forgot the wellness center, where dogs and cats can heal using Eastern medicine.”

Whoa. Cats? This is kind of confusing. Robotic squirrels? I know squirrels, of course, actually caught one once! A story for another time.

“So, what do we think, Chet?”

I think. Sometimes when you think, there’s a lot of confusion, and then all of a sudden one thing stands out. That’s happening now: a sort of blur in my mind, and then one clear thing, like it’s all alone under a spotlight: treats on a pillow.


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