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November 5th, 2011 Posted 8:00 am

“Anyone throw anything?” says Admin.

“Nope,” Spence says. “It was a safe evening. And actually very nice. For one thing, the lectern stood in front of a statue of Emerson, so he was kind of watching my back.”

“Did you make any Emerson jokes?”

“Such as?”

[In Schwarzenegger accent] “Transcend this, baby!”

Silence. “Also I got to meet Addie, this service dog-in-training. And guess who trains her. Inmates at a nearby medium security prison.”

“Were they wearing orange jumpsuits?”

“The inmates weren’t at the talk,” Spence says. “And the very best thing about the whole evening was that I got to meet Wookie’s human companions. D and M both have such a lovely way about them. They wore their Chet ID badges in case I was slow on the uptake. In fact, they helped make the whole thing better for everyone. D supplied an acronym SJ Rozan was searching for in her talk, and M asked some great questions and also mentioned Snowhook. Would have been great to spend more time with them. Happy birthday, M!”

Welcome Bella and dude with an offer.


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