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Fight Smells


May 15th, 2009 Posted 8:00 am

“Twenty questions?” said Bernie. “Sounds like fun. And after that there’s always Scrabble.” I know Scrabble. All those little pieces: you’ve got to be careful with your tail when they’re out on the coffee table. I learned that too late one time. And then I learned it too late again another time. But forget about that. Did Bernie really want to play Scrabble with these tough dudes? He sure didn’t smell like he did – he smelled like he was getting ready to fight them. 

“You trying to be funny?” said the one with the neck tattoo, strands of barbed wire. His hand went to his pocket. I got up from under the table. 

The other dude put his hand on the guy’s arm. “We’re out of here, Lonnie.”

Lonnie nodded. “Something about this place sucks.” He tossed some money on the table. They got up and left.

As soon as they were out of the door, Bernie said, “Let’s go, boy.”

We went. I  noticed I still happened to have a rib bone in my mouth. I took it along, just in case.

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