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May 24th, 2022 Posted 7:01 am

Not long after they met, Bernie said, “I wonder what she thinks of me.”

Come again? There’s so much to like about humans but at times you have to feel a little bit badly for them, and even worry. At that moment – we were working a case involving a tortoise named Torquemada, as I recall, although I wish couldn’t recall anything about it, starting with Torquemada herself, Torquemada being a she, which took me quite a bit of sniffing around her to establish, tortoise smells being somewhat unusual – I gave Bernie a long look. Bernie! Don’t you know from her smell? Can’t you hear it in her voice? And it was while I was distracted with those thoughts that Torquemada tried to bite me. The fury in her eyes! Snaky-type eyes, by the way. It might have been scary if it hadn’t been happening in slow motion. But what was her problem? Something about me? Or was she annoyed by us trying to boost her up into the bed of a pickup with the tire jack, Bernie working the jack and me encouraging him to the best of my ability? One of our worst cases. Did I mention that Torquemada was a runaway? Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

(from Bark To The Future: coming 8/9, pre-orders welcome. Don’t be a slowpoke!)



What’s In A Name?


March 16th, 2022 Posted 7:32 am

Mrs. Publicist: Middle of the month and time for what’s in a name, where Pete and I discuss a character name from his Chet and Bernie series. How about Torquemada the tortoise? Although he doesn’t appear in real time in the upcoming Bark To The Future – pub date 8/9 and preorderable now under the Constitution – Chet does refer to him more than once,  a bad memory it seems.

Pete: Yes, the Torquemada case was one of their worst. The whole thing came to me at once, in a sort of tangled ball that I only sorted out after the fact. Tortoises are not creatures you’d think of as scary, but Torquemada, leader of the Spanish Inquisition at its worst, was very scary. So there was that. Plus they both start with the same three letters. I love that kind of thing! There’s fun to be had in this business. And then there’s the matter of the case itself, where –

Mrs. P: Whoa! Let’s stop right there. Folks will have to read the book to find out. That’s Publicity 101. See you next month for more of What’s In A Name!



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