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Random Amazon Review We Like


April 17th, 2014 Posted 9:32 am

5.0 out of 5 stars – another laugh aloud Chet and Bernie – April 15, 2014

bkluvr on To Fetch A Thief:

In this Chet and Bernie mystery, Chet makes some unusual new friends, gets into some serious trouble, and of course saves the day. All of this happens in Mr. Quinn’s usual totally adult style, with real pathos, humor, and of course satisfaction at the end. ! can’t imagine a more engaging read than the Chet and Bernie books.

Welcome new friend (see galery) Max from Israel.


Chetspeak on Sunday


April 13th, 2014 Posted 7:55 am

“I’m Autumn,” the young woman said, closing the door.

“That’s a nice name,” Bernie said.

“I found it online,” Autumn said.

“Oh,” said Bernie.

She looked at me. “Is this Chet? Livia asked me if he was with you.”

“Yup,” Bernie said.

“Can I pat him?”

“He hates that.”

“You’re joking right?”

Of course he was. Bernie’s quite the joker at times, not always the right ones. But in this case everything worked out fine. Autumn turned out to be an excellent patter. The young ladies in houses of ill-repute were always excellent patters, although why I wasn’t sure. What the whole business was about, meaning what was actually for sale – for example, Max’s Memphis Ribs sold ribs – remained a mystery to me.

- from To Fetch A Thief.


Chetspeak on Sunday


March 23rd, 2014 Posted 7:53 am

Peanut sat down. Was she planning on a nice long pool session? I gazed at the hills, darkening in the late afternoon light. Did we have time for a nice long pool session? No. Why wasn’t Peanut getting that? I barked. She ignored me in that still and heavy way of hers, showing no reaction at all. How annoying was that? I waded into the pool, barged up to her and gave her a nudge on the side, not the least bit gentle. And what was this? She got right up, so fast that a wave sprang up, sweeping me out of the pool. I rose, gave myself a good shake, and started off toward the hills. Peanut followed along, no problem. I didn’t have to look back, just felt the earth trembling under my paws.

- from To Fetch A Thief.


Random Amazon Review We Like


January 16th, 2014 Posted 9:25 am


5.0 out of 5 stars Hard to put down, very entertaining. November 22, 2013

G on To Fetch A Thief:

I love Chet and Bernie! Every book has an exciting adventure. Spencer Quinn must have been a dog in a past life, he certainly knows how to make you believe Chet is writing these books.

Welcome Crosby, Bosley & Wrigley. (Almost like the start of an A.A. Milne poem.)


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