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Peanut (More)


July 20th, 2022 Posted 6:39 am

While we’re on the subject of Peanut, the elephant that plays a supporting role in To Fetch A Thief, she comes up in Bark To The Future, the next Chet and Bernie novel (pub date 8/9, pre-orderable now):
Which was kind of confusing. All I’d really understood so far was the part about working for peanuts. Once I’d palled around – well, maybe not palled around, more like attempted to herd actually – an elephant, name of Peanut. This was deep in the desert, maybe down Mexico way. But before that Peanut had worked in a circus for peanuts, just like this Raker dude. I knew one thing for sure: if he was like Peanut, herding him was off the table.



July 19th, 2022 Posted 8:00 am

The Peanut episode came up in the FB comments yesterday. For newcomers to the series, Peanut (seen below) is a character in To Fetch A Thief. She and Chet have a bit of an adventure.


Down on the Border


May 7th, 2022 Posted 7:17 am

Mexico came up this week on account of Cinco de Mayo and we posted a little snippet from To Fetch A Thief. Mexico factors into the Chet and Bernie series and so do border towns. This is from Heart of Barkness:

Tesabe looked to be very small, with just one paved street and a few dirt roads running off it. We rode up a steep, curving hill, not seeing a single human, member of the nation within, or even a chicken, and this was the kind of place where you’d expect a chicken or two. I didn’t even hear any buzzing flies. They called this a border town?



Happy Cinco de Mayo!


May 5th, 2022 Posted 7:51 am

All of a sudden a woman called out from the nearest ramshackle house: “Lola! Donde estas? Lola?”

Lola? A cool name, but the interruption was inconvenient. A flashlight went on, and the beam began sweeping the yard.

“Lola! What the hell?” The beam passed over us, came back, and stayed, circling us in bright light. “Dios mio! Aqui!” Very inconvenient, because we were occupied. And then just like that – in the way the very best things can sneak up on you – we weren’t! Lola scooted away and took off toward the house, glancing back once. Those small watchful eyes: I’d never seen anything quite like them. The next moment something got thrown at me, missing by a mile, whatever that was. “Perro malo – vayase!” Meaning what? Not sure, but I caught the tone and ambled off. I felt tip-top, just about the highest tip-top I can feel. It was great to be south of the border down Mexico way.


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