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Pub Note


January 26th, 2023 Posted 8:12 am

Pub schedule for 2023: Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge – July 25; Up On The Woof Top – October 17. Both are available for pre-order, although only the cover art for Mrs. P is showing right now, the cover art not yet done for Up On The Woof Top (the next Chet and Bernie).

In answer to many questions, Mrs. P is not a Chet and Bernie story. Occasionally a non-C&B idea pops up in my mind demanding my attention. For example, there was The Right Side a few years back. The tone and story of Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge are very different from The Right Side (the tone of which is certainly darker) and Mrs. P herself is very unlike LeAnne Hogan, the main character of The Right Side, although they have one thing in common: Under duress, they each find something strong and unexpected within.

But my main point is that I am very sure that readers who like the Chet and Bernie stories will also like Mrs. P. Secondary point: there’s lots more Chet and Bernie to come. Please feel free to share this post with friends who like to read.





January 8th, 2023 Posted 7:53 am

Wow! So many great answers to yesterday’s question about what bothers you in a book! I’m really looking forward to getting to them next week when the revisions to Up On The Woof Top (yes, pre-orderable from all the usual outlets) are all done. Knock on wood. Meanwhile it’s Sunday, and on Sundays we do beginnings – taking a look at the first paragraph or two of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker™. How about today we do The Right Side, the novel that came between Scents and Sensibility and Heart of Barkness? Those two are part of the Chet and Bernie series and The Right Side is not. It’s also not canine-narrated, and there are many other differences as well. It’s on my mind because of a very moving email I got from a retired military vet this week. If you’re interested in the Peter Abrahams side of Spencer Quinn, this might be where to start. (More info at
Just want to make sure I’ve got your name right.” The man – Machado, read the tag hung around his neck – swiveled sideways to check his computer. The chair made a squeaky sound, intolerable to the woman sitting on the other side of the desk. It sparked a headache in the spot where her headaches got sparked these days, a headache that then blossomed like an explosion in slow motion, so slow you might have thought it would peter out, or be easily stopped. She knew better.

What’s In A Name?


June 17th, 2022 Posted 7:46 am

Mrs. Publicist: A couple of days late, but how about we do What’s In A Name, where Pete and I discuss a character name from somewhere in his work? Pete, I was wondering about Dr. Machado, the somewhat unhelpful shrink from The Right Side.

PA: Certainly unhelpful from his patient LeAnne’s point of view. Machado means ax or hatchet in Spanish and Portuguese.

Mrs. P: So – a crude kind of tool for doing delicate work?

PA: Exactly! You don’t need me anymore!

Mrs. P: See you July 15 for more of What’s In A Name!



The Right Side


November 12th, 2021 Posted 8:18 am

Since yesterday was Veterans Day maybe I can mention The Right Side, where the main character is veteran? It’s not a Chet and Bernie novel – much closer to a Peter Abrahams novel, actually. (And I’ve got another in-betweener on the back burner but moving soon to the front one.)



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