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Chetspeak on Sunday


February 26th, 2017 Posted 8:41 am

Everyone looked at Iggy under the table. He happened to be curled up, giving himself a good lick between his hind legs, one of his favorite pastimes.

“The hero of the piece,” Captain Stine said.

Whoa! I sidled over to the table, slid down under, and gave the hero of the piece a nip on the ear. And would you believe it? He nipped me back. So what could I do but renip? At which point, Iggy noticed that the back door was open. He bolted. I bolted after him. We ran around to the side of the house, knocked over the trash can, fought over the pizza remains, and took off into the warm night, ears flat back from a wind of our own making.

– from THE IGGY CHRONICLES, VOL. 1 – the 2nd C&B e-short. 


Chetspeak on Sunday


October 23rd, 2016 Posted 8:05 am

Bernie, my partner in the Little Detective Agency, was here all right, but hadn’t yet made an appearance. His snoring, coming from the bedroom down the hall, made a lovely sound, actually musical to my way of thinking. We’d had a late night down at Central Booking, trying to hand over a perp we’d busted, name of Truffles Siminoni, whose MO was all about boosting fancy food from high-end restaurant kitchens. We had lots of pals at Central Booking, everything usually going smoothly, but last night there’d been a hitch – something about the evidence having disappeared, was that it? A pound of caviar, whatever caviar happened to be, or possibly two pounds? While I was wondering about all that, although not wondering hard, Mr. Parsons called Bernie’s name again. His wavery old voice sounded even waverier and older than usual. I rose, gave myself a shake – not the long kind that starts at my nose, goes to the tip of my tail and then all the way back, and sometimes makes one more round after that! – no, this was a just a quick shake to get going.

I went down the hall to Bernie’s bedroom, and just as I was about to enter gave myself one of those good long shakes after all. Some things you can’t explain. At that moment I happened to lick my muzzle. Hey! It tasted salty.

– from THE IGGY CHRONICLES, VOLUME 1 (a C&B e-short)


C&B Short Stories


October 17th, 2016 Posted 8:23 am

It has come to the attention of high authority that some Chet and Bernie readers don’t know about the e-short stories! These are astounding times, as we all know, but still. Here’s one key point: you don’t need a Kindle.There are many many ways to get the stories – iTunes, for example. Can you read them on your watch? Probably!



Chetspeak on Sunday


August 28th, 2016 Posted 8:08 am

We went inside. Bernie closed the door.

“Chet,” he said. “Open.”

Open the door? We’d just come in. But I do what Bernie wants and … and he’s the same with me! What a thought! And a brand-new one, as far as I know. But no time to stay with it, no matter how much I would have liked to, and that wasn’t really all that much, because I was already up on my back legs, bringing a front paw down on that catch thing. Click went the door, and it cracked open a tiny bit. I stuck the tip of my nose in the crack, gave my head a bit of a twist, and the door opened wide.

“No way Iggy could do that,” Mr. Parsons said.

“Don’t be so sure,” Bernie said, slipping me a treat. “Dogs can amaze you.” Or something of the sort. Much more important was the fact that I’d gotten a bit ahead of myself: Bernie hadn’t actually slipped me a treat. How had that happened, or not happened? Where was my treat? Hadn’t I just opened the door? Didn’t I get a treat when I opened doors? Unless we were on a dangerous job, of course, and there was no time. But we weren’t on a dangerous job. We were in Iggy’s house. I kept my eyes on Bernie’s hands, waiting for one of them to dip into a pocket and produce a treat.

“But Iggy’s such a short little guy,” Mr. Parsons was saying.

That was supposed to be news? News was that we had a big problem and it was getting bigger: Bernie didn’t even have a treat on him!

“Chet? What are you doing?”

What was I doing? Possibly nosing up against one of Bernie’s pockets? Not right, I was pretty sure about that, but wouldn’t you be doing the same thing? Open a door, you get a treat. What was I missing? I tried to remember one single time when –

“Chet! For God’s sake!”

– from THE IGGY CHRONICLES, VOL 1 (a C&B e-short – 99 cents!)


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