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Admin Calls Rebecca and AJ up in Alaska


March 22nd, 2012 Posted 7:19 am

“You called them on the phone?” Spence says.

“Simple as that,” Admin says. “They were taking it easy – and so were the dogs, outside playing in the yard, totally fresh already.  The dogs being fresh, I mean. It hit me that humans take longer to recover. Rebecca and AJ were great – a pleasure to talk to them. He told me a funny story about how the dogs, going through a less than enthusiastic climb on the trail, suddenly got energized by the sight of a fox, unfortunately not quite in the right direction. I think we can expect some great photos fairly soon. And I told them how proud of them we all were.”

“And now, ” Spence says, “here’s a follow-up from the human companion of a Friend of Chet from yesterday – Terri, it turns out – explaining the ear thing, together with Terri in no-ear mode.”

Thanks for the welcome!Terri: ear-thing dude” ??? What’s that all about … perhaps you know the breed (Belgian Shepherd – Tervuren) and are aware that they can move their ears around like a cat. Chet is 100 lbs. The pictures on the first two books look like a possible Belgian Shepherd – Groenendael … or perhaps a mix of GSD and Groenendael, given his weight is high for a Groenendael.


The Books

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