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Apocalypse: Now? Later? Some Other Time?


December 21st, 2012 Posted 7:44 am

“We still seem to be here,” Admin says.

“Wonder what the Mayans would have thought about this?” says Spence.

“Maybe someone should ask them. Don’t their descendants live on the Mayan Riviera? Remember that tequila bar?”



Welcome Duke and Charlie, in the snow.



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Down Mexico Way


March 21st, 2009 Posted 7:44 am

Once we went down to Mexico on a case, me and Bernie. It was all about stolen tequila but then it got way more complicated – don’t ask me to explain. All that dust and heat – loved Mexico! The humans down there speak another language so they can’t communicate too well with the humans from up here. In our world – the nation within the nation, as Bernie says – we don’t have problems like that. I could communicate with my kind across the border no problem. In fact there was this one she-barker behind this warehouse we were staking out – maybe a story for another time.

The only bad thing – besides getting shot at a few times, but that turned out all right – was when we tailed this dude who tried to get away by hiding in the crowd at a bull fight. Ever seen a bull fight? Sometimes Bernie’s face gets hard and still. That’s when he’s at his angriest. I’ve never seen him angrier than at the bull fight.


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