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Creatures Big and Small


February 16th, 2021 Posted 8:07 am

All kinds of creatures come up in the Chet and Bernie series. For example:

I caught a glimpse of the driver: a young woman, eyes on the road, baseball cap on her head, ponytail sticking out the back. Ponies are horses, and I’ve had lots of experience with horses, none good. They’re prima donnas, each and every one. So how come some humans want to look like them? A complete mystery. But solving mysteries is what we do, me and Bernie. Life was good. I felt tip top.

(from Tender Is The Bite – “now available for preorder” – Mrs. Publicist’s mom)


Ferret (More)


February 11th, 2021 Posted 8:18 am

A ferret plays a role in Tender Is The Bite (“available for preorder!” – Mrs. Publicist). Here Chet meets the ferret:

A young woman looked out. Not Mavis, a fact I noticed only in passing. What caught my attention was the ferret on her shoulder. And I’d caught his attention, no doubt about that. He showed me his teeth first thing, just like every ferret I’d ever met. I showed him mine. You’d have done the same. His tiny eyes burned hot. Would playing a game of some sort get us off to a better start? For example, how about the grabbing-the-little-fella-by-his-collar – a velvet collar, by the way, velvet being a material I knew well from an incident with a tapestry, best forgotten – and-flipping-him-up-to-the-ceiling game? Who doesn’t like being flipped up to the ceiling? Although I don’t know personally on account of who could flip the likes of me that high, or anywhere at all? Ah, the likes of me! Once I’d flipped a bunny rabbit name of Ursula – true, not a ferret – so high that I’d had time to run over and catch her in midair and flip her up again! The look on her face! So when would be a good time to get things underway with my new ferret buddy? Now, maybe, like right away, this very –




February 8th, 2021 Posted 9:05 am

Thanks to the NFL – especially the players – for giving us a season this year. And now – has anyone seen any new movies that are at least somewhat cheerful and smart at the same time? This one comes up – very tangentially – in It’s A Wonderful Woof, the Christmas/holiday Chet and Bernie novel coming after Tender Is The Bite (“both preorderable!” – Mrs. Publicist.)




January 29th, 2021 Posted 7:51 am

Reader Gretchen Hunter writes: “Post pre-order link please! Slim Jim to come.”
We haven’t posted such a link before, but now a bribe is involved so of course that changes everything. You can preorder from all the usual places including your local independent, but here’s one link. It will look a little strange because the cover art is not quite ready. Coming soon!


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