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Teeth (1 – From Dog On It)


March 22nd, 2011 Posted 9:00 am

Bernie smiled. He had lots of different smiles. This particular one I thought of as just showing teeth. I did the same. Bernie has nice teeth for a human, but I’m only being realistic when I say they’re nothing compared to mine. “Good chance we’ll be needing him, Ms. Chambliss. Missing kids – that’s Chet’s specialty.”

She gazed at me. “He looks too aggressive to be around kids.”

Closing my mouth now was the right move. I knew that, of course, but for some reason it didn’t close, maybe even opened wider, plus I started to pant a bit, getting pretty charged up.

“Never aggressive, not inappropriately.” Bernie patted my head. Thump, thump. I calmed down. “Chet is a trained police dog, after all.”

“He is?”

“Graduated first in his class at K-9 school.”

That was stretching it a little, since I hadn’t actually graduated, which is how Bernie and I ended up together, a long story I’ll go into later if I have a chance.


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No Post Today


March 21st, 2011 Posted 8:41 am

“Because you’re going to the dentist?” says Spence.

“I hate going to the dentist,” Admin says.

“But all they’re doing is taking an impression.”

“How am I supposed to breathe while that’s happening?”

“Through your nose.”

“I do breathe through my nose,” Admin says. “But I like to have the option.”

What’s this? Something about human teeth? They make such a fuss about pretty much nothing.


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No Post Today


December 17th, 2010 Posted 8:35 am

Why not? Because we have to go to the dentist. Not me, nothing wrong with my teeth, amigo, but poor Bernie broke one of his last night. What’s treacle? No idea. And how could one of those tiny human teeth break, anyway? No offense, but what’s to break? The dentist seems like a nice dude – I’ve seen him around, chubby guy, shy, name of Dr. Callahan – but Bernie, afraid of nobody, doesn’t like him at all, calls him Dr. Caligari. Dr. Caligari – I know him from the DVD pile – is another story.


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Dental Fun


August 24th, 2010 Posted 8:45 am

“Here’s something nice from Lois,” Spence says. “She’s a dental hygienist who’s listed all the dental references in Dog On It for her newsletter. Should we post it or get back to Astrid?”

“Post,” says Admin. “I need one more day with Robbie.”

Robbie – there’s lots of talk about Robbie these days, something Admin’s working on. I wish he’d finish! Sometimes humans forget about having fun. But I’ve liked just about every one I’ve ever met, including lots of perps and gangbangers. Although not Mr. Gulagov (now breaking rocks in the hot sun).

From Lois in Beverly Hills:

On p. 261 you write, “Dentists.’ Said Albie. ‘I love dentists. They make good money, look around for investments, always pick wrong, get buried.” Why the dentist part?

On p. 266 you write -“Not a big fan of popcorn myself; mostly air, except for those unpopped kernels that get stuck between my teeth, sometimes for days. Even now I could feel a little something caught back there. When was my next appointment with the groomer? She always brushed my teeth, one of my favorite things in the whole world.” P. 269 -“I couldn’t wait for the toothbrush.” Why mention Janie always brushed Chet’s teeth and have toothbrushing as one of Chet’s favorite things? 269-“I couldn’t wait for the toothbrush.”

On p.270 you continue the toothbrush theme with “And then, finally, the toothbrush. Janie always sang a song while she brushed my teeth, ‘Brush your teeth with Colgate, Colgate dental cream, It cleans your breath, What a toothpaste, while it cleans your teeth.” Is this the old jingle from years ago? Why include the song? I loved it.

For your own information the dental tidbits for DOG ON IT are. p.1 “Need to go out?…Just because my back teeth are floating.” 11 “He had lots of different smiles. This particular on I thought of as just showing teeth. I did the same. Bernie has nice teeth for a human, but I’m only being realistic when I say they’re nothing compared to mine.” 4. –“I crushed the ice cubes. Made my teeth feel great.” 46.-“teeth bared,” “my own teeth bared,” “and sank my teeth into his leg,”  53 “A wax ball would probably be kind of soft, unlike our lacrosse ball, say which made my teeth feel great every time I gave it a good hard squeeze.” 66. ”Denim scraps hung from my mouth, snagged on my teeth.” 68-“My lips curled back from my teeth all by themselves.”  87 ”He had huge teeth for a human, and bright, the brightest I’d ever seen.” 88-“Saliva started leaking out of my mouth,” 92-gritting those huge teeth of his,” 93-“He smiled, smiled right at me with those big bright teeth.” 102-“Behind those huge teeth, at the back of her throat.” 134-“had to be careful about the toothpicks,” 143_”..and lots of movies, too—check out White Fangs’’ fight with Cherokee!..” 154-“…and smiled.  A real big smile but not teeth. No teeth? How did that happen?” 155-“huge fangs exposed” 180-“Dylan smiled-he had nice teeth for a human, bug and bright, had to give him that—“ 221-“my lip got hooked over one of my eyeteeth.” 225-“get my teeth on a pant leg or two,” 235-“but it was caught between my teeth.” 256-“It smelled like Bernie’s breath in the morning, if he’d been smoking the night before and hadn’t brushed his teeth yet,..” 257 “Spike faced me, showed his teeth, all yellow and brown now, and growled. I showed my teeth and growled back.” 271-“-an ugly brute, with an overbite and no chin.” 16. 296-“Have I mentioned the size of my teeth? Like daggers, and not much smaller.” “I dug a tooth deep into what was left, pulled back with a side-to-side motion that always-“ 298-“opening wide and sinking my teeth into Harold’s wrist.”

Hat tip to Lois.


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