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April 21st, 2022 Posted 8:58 am

Going to the dentist today so this little passage from Bark To The Future (coming 8/9 but available for preorder now. In inflationary times nothing makes more sense than preordering Chet and Bernie, according to the Federal Reserve.).

Whoa! Didn’t Rocket realize that my teeth were right there, practically touching his bony shoulder? Or was it possible he didn’t understand what these teeth can do? There’s a certain kind of human you get to know in my line of work who always ends up on the receiving end.


Teeth (4 – From The Dog Who Knew Too Much)


March 30th, 2011 Posted 9:23 am

Things happened fast after that. The mule trotted off, clumsy but surprisingly speedy, banging into the side of the cliff on his way and splitting the big duffel bag. Out popped the package of hot dogs – Hebrew Nationals, the exact same kind Bernie and I bought, with the red packaging. The exact same kind, which happened to be the tastiest hot dogs out there – Bernie and I had tried them all. Just when you think life can’t get any better, it does! The next thing I knew I’d snapped up that red package, practically before it even landed. I could taste the hot dogs through this tiny hole my teeth must have made by mistake, but I didn’t take advantage of that to scarf them up. Somehow – hard to explain why, and it wasn’t even like me – I knew that would be bad, and if not actually bad then not good either. Anyway, far too much to think about. I hurried over to Bernie. By that time, he had the shotgun and everything was under control. That’s how we do things at the Little Detective Agency.

The Dog Who Knew Too Much: September 6, 2011.

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Teeth (3- From To Fetch A Thief) (Revised)


March 29th, 2011 Posted 8:37 am

Bernie switched on the bedside light, a dim brownish light that left the corners of the room in shadow, even though it was a pretty small room. He tried the overhead light; it didn’t work. I sniffed around. There’d been a man and a woman in here, but not recently, and they’d had a burger or two. Other than that, nothing of note. Then I spotted a strange picture on the wall, a picture of a bull and a dude dressed up in a glittery costume. The dude held a sword and seemed to be about to stab the bull with it. Could that be? I tried to look away but couldn’t, at least not for long. Has that ever happened to you? Meanwhile Bernie was unpacking, pouring water in my bowl, brushing his teeth. Those little teeth humans had – they brushed them every day for some reason. Mine are big but only get brushed when Janie’s Pet Grooming Service – We Pick Up and Deliver comes to visit. So: the smaller the teeth the more you need to brush them? Was that it?

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Teeth (2 – From Thereby Hangs A Tail)


March 23rd, 2011 Posted 7:57 am

“Brush your teeth?” said Bernie the next morning.

“Yeah,” said Charlie.

“Didn’t hear any spitting,” Bernie said. So what? Bernie didn’t hear a lot of things; but I hadn’t heard any spitting either. Hey! Charlie was tricky.

He laughed.

“Go brush your teeth,” said Bernie.

Charlie went into the bathroom. I followed Bernie into the office. He took down the Niagara Falls picture, opened the safe and removed an envelope.

“What’s in there?” said Charlie from the doorway.

“That was quick,” Bernie said. “How many teeth did you do?”

“All of them, Dad. Wanna smell my breath?”

“No, thanks.”

Why not? Sounded like a great idea to me. I sidled over to Charlie.


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