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Chetspeak on Sunday


July 12th, 2015 Posted 8:12 am

We walked over to our place and around to the back gate. Bernie unlocked it and we went inside. “Welcome,” he said. “I’m Bernie Little, by the way.”

“Ellie,” said special investigator Newburg. “I like your fountain,” she added as they shook hands.

“It’s a swan.”

Ellie Newburg quickly let go of Bernie’s hand. “I can see that.”

“A bit abstract,” Bernie said. “This particular rendering, which was why I mentioned it.”

“It’s not abstract to me,” said Ellie. “And it captures the essence of swans very well, in my opinion.”

“The essence being?”

“That beauty can be nasty inside.”

Then came a silence in which they both quickly looked at each other and quickly looked away. No idea what that was all about. What were we even doing? I had no idea. But it was always nice to be on the patio. No complaints, amigo.

– from SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY (coming Bastille Day – which happens to be this Tues.!)



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