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No Post Today (Revised)


October 8th, 2010 Posted 8:32 am

“Somebody better wake Spence up,” says Admin. “He’s got that interview on Suspense Magazine Radio.”

I go into the bedroom. There’s Spence, looking so peaceful. There are lots of ways to do this, but I haven’t done the pulling-off-the-covers thing in some time – way too long, in fact – so that’s what I do.

“Chet! For God’s sake.” His hands make funny little motions trying to get the covers back, but they’re on the floor and out of reach. Some humans like to cling to sleep: Spence is one of them. I’m like that too, but only sometimes.–weekly-edition

Thanks for the working link, B. Stover.


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Is This A Democracy?


February 4th, 2010 Posted 8:30 am

Spence and Admin are kind of scrapping today. I don’t mean throwing down. You wouldn’t want to see that – they’re not big guys like me and Bernie, and probably wouldn’t do that well up against, say, Jocko Cochrane. Oops, maybe shouldn’t be mentioning old Jocko. Which maybe brings us to this scrapping between Spence and Admin. It’s all about some biopsy, whatever that is. Spence says lots of readers are worried about the biopsy so why not post some scene from book 3 that clears everything up. Admin says, “Is this suspense or not? In suspense there’s supposed to be suspense, which means no peeking.”

Bernie gets tired of the scrapping and says, “Why not ask the readers? See what they want – post or no post.”

All right, I’m asking.



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